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What are your most Data Draining Apps?

We all love our data and back in the day there was a stupid amount charged per MB! So, wouldn’t we all like to save MB’s where possible? We all don’t like that dread text message towards the end of the month that you’re about to run out of data. Therefore wouldn’t you like to know which apps are sucking the life out of your data plan? Well we’ve got some data for you! (See what we did there) A study, conducted by Mobile Phones Direct, explored the data usage of a number of apps that hurt your data balance.
First of all, daily video and music streaming is doing you more harm than good and it’s hitting your data, HARD. If you use BBC iPlayer and Channel 5’s My 5 then you’re gonna have to cut back. As they’ve been named as the worst offending video apps for data drainage. Taking up to a gig, a GIG of data for an hour of streaming.  Suprisingly Netflix uses very little data at 314mb. See the handy chart below for more:

Quick Tip: 

Download on Netflix to allow videos to be played offline to save data. However, if you don’t wish to download videos, let the show buffer whilst you are on WiFi network and then watch on your mobile network. Therefore you aren’t using any data as the file has already buffered on your phone! Furthermore on YouTube you can head into settings and make sure that the ‘limit mobile data usage’ option is ticked. This will force the app to only watch videos in HD when connected to a WiFi Network.

Music Streaming however, there may be a different way to save data, if you’re a Spotify user. Tthere’s a way to help limit the way that it uses your data! As well as changing the quality of the music, making the music available offline, or downloading the music that Spotify (and many other apps) offer you, you can do more.
With Spotify only there’s an app called Spotify Lite (Currently only available on Android). This version of the app only takes up 15mb of memory compared to 100mb. Most of all, the app doesn’t allow HQ music to be played. If you’re an Apple Music or a Tidal user however, then they take up the most data when listening for an hour. Tidal gobbles up 184mb compared to Spotify using almost 100mb less.


(Mobile Phones Direct) 

*Mobile Phones Direct watched 5 minutes of content from each app and multiplied it to determine the total data usage over an hour. Each video was watched on both an  iPhone 7 plus and XR in HD using 4G. Results may vary.

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Raylo: Music With A Cinematic Twist

“Cinematic music….I have not heard anything like this before…give me more RAYLO!”

RAYLO are a brand new music group who mix melodic R&B vocals and UK Rap. Formed of singers/rappers, Reece Whyte and Teni Solomon, and producers George Renwick and Robin Reeve.

Their latest work ‘So Gone’ is available now via all streaming services and there’s also a music video for the lead single of the same name.

The EP is an eclectic mix of tracks that showcases their range and versatility. From down tempo tracks such as ‘Remember Me’ to up beat soundtrack to your summer productions on ‘Polaroid’. ‘So Gone’ is an EP to remember and they’ve definitely have announced their name in style!

Their lead track ‘So Gone’ is a melodic and thought provoking R&B heavy hitter, with Teni Solomon and Reece White laying down lyrics which demonstrate their road to success. The mix between silky smooth sultry R&B melody is a stark contrast to the smooth gritty flow that Reece Whyte lays down. Music with substance.

Our presenter Marcus Bronzy describes their latest single:

“Cinematic music….I have not heard anything like this before…give me more RAYLO!”

Listen to ‘So Gone’ here: Apple Music / Spotify

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iTunes Gone?

Is iTunes dead? Who actually buys music anymore? Are Apple going to kill off iTunes? Or are they going to give it a slow death? Well there have been rumours that Apple are looking to kill off it’s music downloading service, iTunes, in favour of it’s music streaming service, Apple Music. These rumours were so strong that Apple were forced in giving a statement in which an Apple spokesman said that ‘It’s not true’ Short and sweet. We like it!

Metro revealed to the public last year that Apple were planning to stop selling album bundles, which Apple called iTunes LP’s. Metro reported that industry sources and analysts hailed this move as Apple looking to cease operation on their long running iTunes service. The rumour began when Digital Music news stated it would shut down on March 31st, 2019. Yet an Apple Spokesman stated that it wasn’t true.

Legendary music producer turned Apple employee, Jimmy Iovine, stated, according to the BBC, that Apple were indeed looking to shelve the service. When he was asked if it were going to be phased out of just shut off all together. Jimmy said that there’s no timescale and ‘If I’m honest, it’s when people stop buying. ‘It’s very simple.’

So who knows?

iTunes vs Subscription

Apple are in a race to become the biggest streaming service in the world. Whilst it’s hot on the heels of Spotify’s number 1 spot. (70million subscribers) Compared to Apple’s 38Million, there’s still some growth to go, but with 2 million growth in subs over 1 month. It can be argued that Apple could and should catch up by the end of the year.

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Spotify IPO

Spotify have as recently as the end of December filed for an IPO via a ‘Direct Listing’ this is a very smart move by the Swedish company. This is an alternative route to Snapchats IPO, and regular WallStreet ‘rules’. As there is no public furore leading up to the listing. Thus allowing execs to pitch their buisness to analysts and other suitable and potential investors. Better yet there are no fees to Wall Street underwriters. (As they would price a company’s shares before trading.)

What’s different?

A major difference between Snap Inc’s IPO and Spotify’s ‘Direct Listing’ is because Spotify have a LOT of money. (With over 60M paid subscribers they can afford to) So raising more money isn’t directly in Spotify’s interest.

Instead, they’re offering employees to cash out (at a current private valuation) and sell their shares to new investors!

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Apple buys Shazam

Apple have acquired the music discovery app Shazam! Shazam is the app that basically lets you identify songs, movies, TV shows and commercials from short audio clips. So you are then able to listen to them via your favourite music streaming service. Usually Apple Music/Spotify. So, this is not good news for Spotify.

Apple spokesperson told The Verge:

“Apple Music and Shazam are a natural fit, sharing a passion for music discovery and delivering great music experiences to our users. We have exciting plans in store, and we look forward to combining with Shazam upon approval of today’s agreement.”

Allegedly the purchase of the music discovery app is $400M! While only pulling in $54M in revenue!

How will this affect you?!

There are a number of ways the acquisition can benefit the tech giant. Music! As a result the most obvious way the music discovery app can help Apple is via Apple Music! (If they shut down the app and use integrate it into the iOS, one would assume via Siri. Therefore Spotify referrals will be non existent) As click throughs per day are said to be 1M. Consequently this is HUGELY beneficial!

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Spotify 268 000 000 00?

The average Spotify employee salary is how much?!

Spotify recently posted their financials and an employee from Digital Music News was quick to point out that the average Spotify employee salary is $168, 747. The employee’s at Spotify are earning more than the songwriter (producer’s of the music content) themselves!!

“Songwriter Would Need 288 Million Spins To Equal Average Spotify Employee Salary”


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Download Spotify on Android, iPhoneMicrosoft and Mac



Spotify QR Codes

Another tech company is stealing Snapchat’s thunder and is utilizing QR codes and their shareability.

Spotify are said to be letting you use QR Codes to share songs with your buddies.

To pull up a “Spotify Code” just toggle the share function by tapping the three dots located at the top right hand screen of a song. Hit SHARE and you’ll see a code which is uniquely disguised as an audio waveform, get your buddy to tap the camera icon to the right of the search bar within Spotify and aim at that waveform.


The song will start playing right away.

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Cute Cat

Episode 229 Robo Cat

Sonos Play 5

Sonos Play:5

We killed time with a MASSIVE Speaker this week. The beautiful Sonos PLAY:5

  • Fills a large room with pure, brilliant sound.
  • Bold. Pure. Dynamic. Intense. With deep bass that packs a punch.
  • Uncompromised sound whether vertical or horizontal.
  • Convenient, ultra-responsive top panel touch controls.
  • Line-in. Plug in any device you want.

Attention obsessive audiophiles and hard-core music lovers. PLAY:5 is your speaker. It’s our biggest and best-sounding. So whether you’ve got a big room to fill with music or a discerning ear for divine sound, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll hear each separate instrument, voice, and sonic detail in all its glory. Six Class-D amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers deliver crystal clear, rich, deep, stereophonic sound with zero distortion. So go ahead and crank up the volume.

Thanks to three mighty woofers and a completely sealed architecture, PLAY:5 delivers big, precise bass response without reverb or echoes.

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