Episode 300 Scroobius Pip

Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2: Episodic masterpiece

Life Is Strange 2 is an award winning episodic video game from Square Enix and is a continuation of the incredibly popular and succesful video game series Life Is Strange!

The game is a long awaited sequel from game developers DONTNOD Entertainment. It features the lives of two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz. They are forced to run away from their home in Seattle. Following the consequences fo a tragic incident. Furthermore they head to Mexico, to get away from it all. While hiding a sudden, yet, mysterious supernatural power.

Sean becomes responsible for his much younger brother. Life on the road is tough for him, as he begins to realise, his decisions will impact the lives of whom he comes in contact with forever.

(Life Is Strange)

Play Through

As Scroobius pip stated in his play through with us. Life Is Strange 2 is not an all out action game that will have you constantly on the move. It is a movie like game that requires you to make decisions throughout the game via a multi-choice screen. The choices you make will alter the path you take along the way. However, even the small, seemingly mundane choices have huge consequences later on down the line. It is a lot like a movie, a movie that you can control. We certainly had a lot of fun playing it and we’re sure that you will to!

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