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Will there be Mind Control for real?!

Well turns out we’re all screwed. We may not even know what free will is even more, mind control could be happening!

Ok enough movie quotes, let’s get on to the real reason as to why we may be seeing Jedi mind tricks in the real world at some point in the future. Hope you’re sitting down for this, scientists have suggested that we humans could tuen into mindless ‘cyborg’ type super consumers. The same technology has been used on rats – successfully. Well, it’s time to turn off all technology. It was nice knowing you!

Mind Control: Shopping

It relates to shopping. A team of researchers working at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology discovered that by stimulating a certain part of a mouses brain. The process triggered a craving, a craving for possessing unnecessary objects. Looking at you impulse buyers! The intended use of the discovery of this process is intended to treat people. The idea is to treat people with brain disorders such as kleptomania or hoarding. However, they also stated that it could be used to ‘control human behaviour’

You may think that craving objects is quite scary in and of itself. Prepare to be bamboozled. The team said that it can control the behaviour with a technique known as MPA-Induced aDrive Assisted Steering. This, when used, made the mice chase whatever is in front of them whenever the same region is stimulated.


The joy that we as children got when we recieved a toy from our parents has followed us into adulthood. We experience the same sort of lust for objects – one example of this would be if you have a shopping addiction. Which of course, could be used to exploit us, coroporations couold make us shoppers just grab anything, mindlessly. Though, would mean shops would have access to our brains. Which isn’t going to happen.

Professor Kim noted that:

‘This study provides evidence to treat brain disorders such as compulsive hoarding and kleptomania. ‘It also contributes to the development of technology to control the behaviour of animals and humans using strong innate motivation, and thus could impact neuro-economics, defence and disaster relief.’

So there is some good to the mind control news. Of course, the treatment of brain diseases. But disaster relief could be good if it got more people to safety. But again it needs access to the brain!


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GTA 5: Money Maker

Despite being 5 years old, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still going strong. How strong? 90million units strong. Yes, that’s right. GTA 5 has gone 90 times platinum! The game has been released on previous generation consoles PS3, Xbox 360 as well as current generation consoles. Xbox One, Playstation 4. Not forgetting it’s PC release!

According to Market Watch GTA 5 is the most profitable entertainment product of ALL TIME! According to Market Watch the game generated $6billion in revenue since it’s release. So how big is $6billion dollars? Bigger than Star Wars and feature film Gone With The Wind. Both generation $4billion dollars.

To put this into perspective, the highest grossing movie of all time is Avatar, which earned $2.79 billion theatrically.

Again, this game is 5 years old. FIVE YEARS OLD! It allegedly makes $5M a day. It was the 6th biggest selling game of the year last year and it done even better in Europe. Finishing third biggest in terms of sales.

GTA V: Profits

GTA Online Multiplayer Mode. The single reason why it grosses so much money. In game purchases – may also be the reason why GTA 6 isn’t here yet. Who can blame them either!

While all this is impressive. GTA V is third behind Minecraft which has sold 144million units and good old Tetris coming in at 170million units.

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Star Wars Secrets of The Empire

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire: Ultimate Star Wars Experience?

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire from the guys over at The Void, may just be the ultimate Star Wars Experience. It’s a hyper reality experience that takes over all of your senses to transport you into the world of Star Wars!

It’s a full sensory immersive VR/AR experience that takes you inside the action. Literally! It’s location based, so the sets are interactive too, there’s also real time effects that help to heighten your experience. They really go ALL IN, in trying to make your experience as real as possible.

You really have to experience yourself to truly understand what we’re talking about. (It’s THAT GOOD trust us!) Plus we’re really not allowed to delve into too much as the experience is all about discovery! We wouldn’t want to ruin the secret for you either!

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire: How does it work?

Before you go into the hyper reality Star Wars Secrets of the Empire experience you have to put on RIG (Rapture Insertion Gear) this allows you to feel the force of all the things around you via haptic feedback! (It’s so hard not to tell you what you’ll be feeling!) You then put on the VR/AR headset to give you a full 360 degree HD experience of Star Wars. You also get given a blaster (which also has haptic feedback built in)

We won’t say much else but our very own Marcus Bronzy had this to say:

That was one of the most intense virtual reality experiences I have felt, I feel like I have actually been a part of a Star Wars film”

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Star Wars Jedi Challenges

Star Wars Jedi Challenges: Become a Jedi

Star Wars Jedi Challenges: Feel The Force!

Star Wars Jedi Challenges is the piece of tech for all Star Wars fans in 2018. With the help of augmented reality you’ll be transported into the Star Wars universe! There’s an array of cool VR/AR tech coming to our homes in the coming weeks and months! However, this has got to be one of the best things we have seen here at the office! We cannot believe that someone hasn’t thought of this before. Augmented and Virtual reality is perfect for the Star Wars franchise. Helping to bring nostalgia to a lot of men and women around the world. So we think that this is going to be used a lot more by the parents than the children!

With the help of the AR headset, complete an array of challenges to become a Jedi! Train to become a Jedi Master, have Jedi Battles with the Sith, play HoloChess, complete strategic combat right from your table! This sounds absolutely incredible and we LOVED it when it came into the studio!

So, how does this become reality? By using the smartphone-powered Lenovo Mirage AR headset and a Lightsaber controller, that is all, to transport you into space and fight to save the universe! The Lightsaber controller enables you to experience what it’s like to yield a lightsaber. So you can feel your opponents attacks with the force feedback! Whilst a tracking beacon ensures accurate and detailed tracking of yourself and the lightsaber controller. Furthermore allowing the AR headset to fill your environment with an immersive universe. While not just a video image displayed in front of you.

Click here to complete the challenges and become a Jedi Master!

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The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Luke Skywalker’s peaceful and solitary existence gets upended when he encounters Rey, a young woman who shows strong signs of the Force. Her desire to learn the ways of the Jedi forces Luke to make a decision that changes their lives forever. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren and General Hux lead the First Order in an all-out assault against Leia and the Resistance for supremacy of the galaxy. (G00gle)

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Episode 259 Gadgets for Christmas!

Philips Master Your Shave

Philips Master Your Shave! Star Wars x Philips

Philips Master Your Shave! Which side are you on?

To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The last Jedi, Philips have collaborated with Star wars to bring you, Star Wars inspired shavers, calling it Philips Master Your Shave! The range combines the cutting edge technology that we all know and love from Philips with designs which emulate your favourite characters from the Star Wars movies!

‘The range fuses Philips high tech innovation with the Star Wars imagination factory…..The products within the range retain premium Philips shaving functionality whilst being themed around the iconic Star Wars movie collection.’  Rob Smith, UK Senior Marketing Manager for Male Shaving and Grooming.

Marcus Bronzy and Ortis Deley at the Star Wars x Philips event.

Our very own Marcus Bronzy and Channel 5’s ‘The Gadget Show’s’ Ortis Deley at the Star Wars x Philips event.

Philips Shaver Series SW9700 

Philips Master Your Shave

Philips Master Your Shave

So this shaver from Philips is for all you dark side of the force fans! The premium shaver has V-Track Pro blades which provide exceptional comfort and closeness, but with a dash of dramatic red to black gradient, coupled with hexagonal patterning, topped off with a First Order logo as the power button.

Philips Shaver Series SW7700

Philips Master Your Shave

Philips Master Your Shave

For all you good side of the force fans this Shaver helps to reduce skin irritation by gliding comfortably  along the skin, even if you haven’t shaved for a few days! The body is silver and turquoise with Symbols of the Resistance on the body. There are even subtle references to light speed on the etchings of the handle. The Jedi Logo lights up in use, so you can feel like a real Jedi on those cold winter mornings!

Philips Shaver Series SW6700

This shaver brings to life the X Wing, why? As it allows you to have a quick and close shave. Since the shaver automatically recalibrates to every curve of the neck and face, mimicing the fluid nature of the X-Wing. The design follows the nature of Poe Dameron’s X-Wing right down to the tiny details such as scratched metal finishings and red stripes. Also as with other Shavers the on turbo button flickers during it’s use.

Philips Shaver Series SW5700

Also, everyone’s favourite modern character BB-8 even makes an appearance on the Philips Star Wars range. The iconic orange and white colour scheme is throughout the design which incorporates the Philips ComforCut Blade system.

Philips Shaver Series SW3700

Finally but by no means least, also incorporating ComfortCut blades the Philips SW3700 has an R2-D2 design. As with many other shavers the on-off switch blinks and the panneling lights up too!

Purchase your own Philips Star Wars Range! Philips Master Your Shave today!

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Episode 254 Star Wars Drones!

Star Wars littleBits

You can now build your very own R2 with the littleBits electronic blocks and the companion inventor app, you’ll be able to teach your very own R2 tricks and take on 16+ Missions! The Droid Inventor Kit is very easy to use straight out of the box with initial assembly easy to understand for kids with step by step instructions of both to build their Droid but to control it in Drive, Self-Nav and Force mode.

The littleBits Droid has a ton of features such as:

  • 6 Bits and 20 Droid Parts
  • 20 Authentic R2 Sounds from the Star Wars universe
  • Reconfigure the Droid parts to reconfigure your R2 in a range of different ways and create brand new Droids
  • Companion app promotes creativity via a series of challenges and customisation using items around the home

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