Self Lubricating Condom?!

A Self Lubricating Condom. They’re a thing now. They’ve come a long way since using livestock intestines. Condoms can come ribbed for the lady in your life. They can even glow in the dark. Also, they can come with self-warming abilities. But now they can also self lubricate!

The Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation’s ran a competition to build a better condom. Well boy did they. A research team have created a condom which gets slippery when wet. A specially-designed layer of hydrophilic polymers coats the condom’s surface. Which when activated with moisture becomes slick. (How many of you cringed at the word ‘moist’ there?

Some condoms already have lubricant applied to it but it wears off during sex. This special condom never runs out! (Well it has a 1,000 thrust limit, while the study says typical intercourse is anywhere between 100-500 thrusts) Say that’s a thrust per second, that’s 16minutes plus of straight thrusting before the lubricant where’s off. Jeez! The researchers were awarded a cool $100,000 grant for their research.

The study, published in the Royal Society Open journal, outlines how they created this special rubber. It assessed “frictional performance” against a variety of different lubricated and non lubricared condoms. Using a machine not humans you dirty lot you!

Though they did use touch tests with human participants to determine how they perceived slipperiness. (You would think during sex, not just how slippery the rubber is)

73% of the 33 who participated, said they preferred the new condom design. They also said they’d be more likely to use a condom if it was inherently slippery. While those who never used condoms stated they’d consider using one if this special self lubricating condom existed.


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