The Last Of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part II

We have played The Last Of Us Part II extensively and have absolutely loved every minute of it. As expected from the first The Last Of Us, the game has a very movie like feel to it and it’s almost as if you are IN a movie. You are really able to connect emotionally to the characters from within the game.

It’s definitely worth killing many many hours of your time with you will not regret picking this one up!

The Last Of Us Part II Plot

5 years after the dangerous journey across the post pandemic United States, Ellie and Joel have settled in Jackson, Wyoming.

They’re living amongst a thriving community of fellow survivors. They have settled into peace and stability. Despite the constant threat of the infected and other survivors. As the other survivors may be more desperate and bring harm to the camp.

So, when a violent event disrupts the peace. Ellie embarks on a journey to carry out justice and find closure. As she hunts those responsible one by one. She’s confronted by a devastating physical and emotional repercussions of her actions.


The story is very complex and requires a lot of attention. You can’t be on your phone or listening to music whilst playing this one! You have to pay attention to know what is going on in the story. It’s emotional and complex and one that will stay with you long after playing.

Ellie is relentless in her pursuit of vengeance and there is a cycle of violence that will be left behind, it will challenge your beliefs of right vs wrong. Hero vs Villain.

The Last Of Us Part II – Gameplay

There is a brand new gameplay system that will deliver on bringing to life the life or death stakes that Ellie’s journey takes you on. You will feel desperate and feel the struggle for survival, through improved melee combat, improved movement and dynamic stealth mechanics. Take hold of a variety of weapons and crafting items, improve Ellie’s skills and upgrade to help personalise Ellie’s capabilities to match your own play style in The Last of Us Part II.


We cannot not talk about the beauty of the environment that you play in. You will be taken to the peaceful mountains and forests of Jackson. You’ll see the ruins of greater Seattle and be taken to treacherous environments of the infected. All brought to life through the latest iteration of Naughty Dogs engine. Characters and the world is more realistic and detailed than ever before.


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