The Simpsons: Maggie Simpson goes on a Playdatethe si

Disney+ have announced the Simpsons animated short film “Maggie Simpson in Playdate in Destiny”. It will begin streaming globally April 10th on Disney+. The Simpsons creator Matt Groening shared a special note on social media revealing the news:

The short begins on a day just like any other at the park for little Maggie Simpson. However when Maggie faces playground peril, a heroic young baby whisks her from danger. Stealing her heart in the process.  After a blissful first playdate, Maggie can’t wait to see her beau the next day. However things don’t go as swimmingly as she’d hope.

Will fate or Homer get in her way?

Maggie Simpson: Playdate with Destiny, was originally released in theatres before Disney, Pixar’s “Onward”. The short builds on the success of the franchises 2012 Academy Award nominated film “Maggie Simpson in ‘The Longest Daycare,’”. Which will too begin streaming later this month on Disney +.

Both the shorts will join Disney+’s extensive back catalogue of The Simpsons content of 30 seasons of the Emmy Award-winning television series.

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