Resident Evil 3 Remake: Top 7 Tips For Beginners

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Top 7 Tips For Beginners!

The Resident Evil 3 remake is finally here, but is it better than the original? Check out our Top 7 Reasons as to why the remake IS better!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Saturday, 4 April 2020

Resident Evil 3 Remake: The top 7 tips for all you beginners out there to the franchise! Resident Evil is back 14 months after the incredible Resident Evil 2 Remake was released, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has been remade. Titled Simply Resident Evil 3.  The game is set in the same universe as Resident Evil 2, set in the American Midwest in a place called Raccoon City, the city is over run by a biological threat. The T-Virus. However Resident Evil 3 illustrates the outbreak and conclusion of the incident.

You take control of Jill Valentine a member of a specialist squad of the police force known as STARS. STARS are tasked of investigating a pharmaceutical company called Umbrella. They’ve determined that the T-Virus is a biological weapon and Umbrella are behind it all. Losing several team members in the process. It is up to Jill and other remaining members of STARS to get this truth out in to the world. Though the police department are found to be under Umbrella’s sway. Making this task almost impossible.  Especially since she is constantly chased by a monster zombie which has been dispatched to stop her, called the Nemesis T-Type.

Resident Evil 3 is a survival horror which will have you constantly in fear and relentlessly chased by the undead horde. The city is in ruins and there’s chaos everywhere.

Now the backstory is out of the way it’s time to dive into the Top 7 Tips for Beginners to Resident Evil:

Resident Evil 3 Remake Tips #1

For newcomers to the series there’s an element to the game that is almost mandatory. You HAVE to scavenge and take your time.

You can speed run, but I suggest you play the game first and take it ALL in because not only is this game worth it but the perks of scavenging are there.

Look around on desks, use your flashlight to find things. You’ll never know what you’ll find which may come in useful later on down the line. Such as gunpowder to make ammo or green herb to give you health.

Notes and pieces of paper are VITAL in this game. Don’t just pick up a piece of paper and flick through it. There WILL be clues to help you proceed on to the next part of the game. I cannot show you explicit examples as that would be cheating. But trust me. You WILL need to read the notes left around the city.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Tips #2

This game is scary. Not hide behind the pillow kind of scary but this is poop your pants scary. You’ll often find yourself swearing at the telly, because your being chased by a big ass rodent and you have no ammo left and you’re low on health and you cannot see where you’re going.

It’s a real adrenaline boost especially during jump scares and there’s a lot. You’ll often find yourself going. OH MY GOD! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? or WHAT I THOUGHT I KILLED YOUR ASS! – Yes you got to make sure the Zombie is dead as sometimes you think there dead. Then boom. You’re zombie food.

So utilise headshots and look at your downed Zombies. Make sure they’re dead. Otherwise it will come to bite you in the ass.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Tips #3

Following on from the last two points. Resident Evil 3 is DARK. Very DARK. It’s designed to act like a horror movie. It’s designed to make you jump.

The game is designed in this way to make you feel scared, it’s forcing you to scavenge and pay attention to what’s around you. 

So please don’t go cheating and turning up the brightness in the game. It just ruins the fun for both you and the game.

Like your parents used to say if you’re not going to play properly, don’t play at all. So play it in the dark. Literally, play it in the dark, at night, curtains drawn. 5.1 surround sound and turned up LOUD. Thank me later. 

You’re just a beginner but, you want to experience it the right way.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Tips #4
Play in 5.1 Surround Sound

Which leads me perfectly on to point number 4.

I suggest you play in 5.1 surround sound, if you can, to make the most of things. The game is so much more enjoyable.

It makes the game that much more jumpy, you feel your heart start to bump faster, the creepy music sets in and you know something is around the corner but you don’t want to go round there, but you have to, but you don’t wanna get scared.

That’s the sign of an immersive game. You’ll hear everything. The bumps and the cracks in a house, things being knocked over. You’ll hear a distant Zombie eurgh…..

You’ll be IN Racoon City.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Tips #5

As I stated earlier , you’ll have to read, read and read again, these notes help push the story along and help you understand it better. Plus there’s clue’s left in these notes to help you find things.

I’m being cagey because I don’t want to give too much away, this is a game that relies on things not being spoiled. The pay off is better for it.

You don’t even have to know about previous Resident Evil games to play it. Just pay attention to the opening cutscene and you’ll be up to speed.

Also look around and pay attention to what’s around you, there will be things that can help you but you won’t see it unless you stop and look around.

Corners are also something you should keep an eye on. A zombie COULD be waiting for you.

Pay attention to your characters quips, there’ll be tips on how to achieve certain things. Again I know I’m being cagey, I have to. We want you to have as much of an enjoyable experience playing this fantastic game as we did.

Just pay attention to the game. No mobile phone next to you. No twitter, no facebook. Just you and Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Tips #6
RPG Elements

You need to combine things. This is kind of like an RPG element to the game, you can combine almost anything in this game.

Again, the game is trying to help you succeed. Before I ever played a Resident Evil game before this did frighten me a little and confuse me.

But it’s simple and the game helps you understand the best way to do things. You can combine health items, gun items and other general items to help you along the way.

There’ll be one thing somewhere and it’s missing something. So you got to go and scavenge and pay attention to the notes and find the other part.

See how all these different elements are combining to help create a lasting game? That’s what makes Resident Evil games so rewarding and replayable. There is so much to do!

Resident Evil 3 Remake Tips #7:
Use Your Map


Use your MAP. It is a godsend.

In Resident Evil 3 the map will help you see things you’ve missed. It will help you scavenge. It even encourages scavenging. The map is shown red if you haven’t looked hard enough for bits. It will show as blue when everything you can pick up has been found.


Things like bits of paper or notes, you’ll have to look for on your own. They don’t affect the map.

So there you have it, I hope you can take these tips and go out there into Racoon City and save mankind.

NOTE: IT IS HARD. Don’t play on hardcore first. Don’t make the same mistake I did you’ll be screaming at the TV for days.

Please, get out there and get saving Racoon City!

Purchase Resident Evil 3 Remake here!

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Resident Evil 3 Remake: Top 7 Reasons why it’s better than the original

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Top 7 Reasons why it's better than the original!

Resident Evil is back 14 months after the incredible Resident Evil 2 Remake was released, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has been remade. Here are our Top 7 tips for all you beginners out there to the franchise!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Saturday, 4 April 2020

The Resident Evil 3 remake is finally here, but is it better than the original? Resident Evil is back 14 months after the incredible Resident Evil 2 Remake was released, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has been remade. Titled Simply Resident Evil 3.

There are some key changes as it’s important to note that Resident Evil 3 isn’t a shot for shot remake of the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis game. The game has also pivoted to an over the shoulder look as opposed to a somewhat birds eye view look.

So let’s dive into why the Resident Evil 3 Remake is better than the original.

Added Extras

The Remake isn’t shot for shot rehash of the original, which you’ll be glad to know. There have been added extras to keep you on your toes.

Firstly in the original there were parts in the game where you had to decide on two different options at certain points in the game. This lead to the original having multiple endings. Sure this gives users a repayable option. But in our opinion the remake is better for omitting this.

Why? Well you learn more about the overall story arc. We cannot say much but the way the story is told in the remake allows for a more cohesive, consistent narrative and as a result relate more to the characters and allows you to feel for them more authentically, than if you were to choose their outcome.






This one goes without saying as the original came out over 20 years ago, but the game looks fantastic. No more blockiness!

Gore looks fantastic and the environment looks realistic, for those who have played Resident Evil 2 remake, you’ll feel some familiarity as it was built on the same RE Engine.

It may be a dark game but they do the dark well. There is a depth to what you’re viewing on screen and it’s not just a black wall of nothingness, there is depth and it feels real.

Zombies look for lack of a better term because you know zombies don’t exist. But Zombies look real!

The dodge move is better than evade

The original game had an evade move that was good, but not as good as Dodge.

Dodge is incredible here, it has saved my ass plenty of times.

Dodge a zombie coming to eat your face and you are able to either turn around and shoot their head off, or if you’re in a pinch run away.

There’s also a couple different types of dodge in the remake. A regular ol’ dodge that will just dodge out the way to safety, and a perfect dodge. Simply time it right when a zombie is lunging for you and it will take you juuuust that little bit further away.

Allowing you to get a better shot on or get away that much faster.

Carlos is playable –

Not only is he a playable character, he’ll have more of an impact on the game’s story than he originally did, having undergone a slight makeover for the remake.

Carlos is now a playable character!

Not only that but you’ll get to play a certain part of the game as just him. He’ll play an integral role in the story arc of the game, more so than he did before.

He also looks more of a gritty, military type guy than in the original too.

So, yes, you’ll get to make use of the assault rifle. But don’t get it twisted, this won’t make the game any easier than before.

The Zombies are still gonna eat you. Like we said in the other video, stay safe and pay attention to what’s around you!




Nemesis Upgraded Look and Abilities

Nemesis has been upgraded and boy does he look MEAN!

He’s scarier and a lot bigger than he was in the original game, bringing a much more scarier look to him than he was in the original version of Resident Evil 3

Not only that he also has upgraded looks, we won’t say much because we want it to be a surprise, but he also has upgraded abilities such as using weapons!

Put it this way you are going to be doing a LOT of running!






Racoon City

Racoon City is more explorable and less linear than it’s original.

The overall layout is more or less the same than Resident Evil 3: Nemesis but has an open world feel to it, allowing you, at points to go back and gather up intel or items that you hadn’t before. As you play through the game you’ll realise why this is very very important.

Having the ability to explore more of the city is vital to the game and it could attribute to how easily you can manage to get through certain parts of the game.

That being said Capcom have added some areas of Racoon City which are brand new. As always we’ll let you enjoy the discovery for yourself.


Mercenaries Mode Has Been Dropped for Resistance Mode

Mercenaries mode has been dropped in favour for a brand new mode called Resistance Mode.

In the original Resident Evil 3 once you completed it you could play The Mercenaries: Operation Mad Jackal game mode.

Where you played 3 playable characters to save Racoon city and survive across town.

Resistance is a little similar but different all at the same time, a brand new survival horror mode. Which pits 4 players against 1.

Displayed in a symmetrical view on screen, 4 players are the survivors,  who need to work together to survive.

Each character have their own set of traits and they must work together in tandem to help solve puzzles.

While the 5th player will be the ‘mastermind’ they track the players. It is their job to stop the others from surviving, by summoning traps and other zombies to stop them achieving their goal. The Mastermind can even control the zombies and become a terrifying tyrant! 

The footage you are seeing above is from the trailer as the multiplayer aspect of the game wasn’t available until after release, expect a worth an hour from us on this soon!

So that’s that, are you a Resident Evil veteran and feel the same way, let us know your tips in the comments below! Or think that the original was better, air your thoughts below!

So, what are you waiting for,get saving Racoon City!

Purchase Resident Evil 3 Remake here!

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Persona 5 Royal: Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Stats

Persona 5 Royal – Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Stats!

Just got Persona 5 Royal and need to boost your stats? Watch on to find out our Top 5 tips to help get Joker to the best he can be!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Persona 5 Royal is a brand new RPG experience that’s based around the Persona! series. You take the form of Joker and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. It is your task to break free from the chains of modern society, stage grand heists and infiltrate the minds of the corrupt. Therefore it is up to you to make them change their ways for the good! to do just that:

Persona 5 is packed with new characters, confidants, an incredible story and new locations to explore. What we especially liked was the new grappling hook mechanic for a stealthy way to get around

Persona 5

Here are the top 5 ways to build your character, in Persona 5 Royal. Persona 5 Royal is arguably the most stylist JRPG with a fur base battle system that has, which has come out in a long long time, and as you can see by the metacritic score it is one of the top 5 jrpg’s ever released.

Persona comes from the shin megami tensei series and what makes persona 5 royal so slick and amazing is, it’s not like other RPGS, in most RPGs you only get character stats once you’re in a battle mode. But Persona 5 royal, NO! It likes to give you stats no matter what you’re doing, in your day. So we wanted to look at the top 5 stats ways you can build your character stats, while you’re killing time in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Top Tips #1 – Eating and Drinking

Tokyo is well known for its food, everything from Raymen, Katsu Curry to a simple Beef bowl and Persona 5 royal is no exception.

One of my favourite ways to stat build in person is eating and evening prepping food. Anything from being in the coffee shop brewing some of that famous coffee, and getting those major SP points that you need for battles. Upping your guts skills eating steak while you study in the dinner. But my favourite food stat  has to be Big Bang Burger. Persona 5 Royals, fast food chain. At big Bang Burger. You can order a take away, but you can also do the challenge and the challenge is what does it for me, because basically you get to eat a giant burger, which looks hilarious but you also get to increase 3 of your stats. Proficiency, Guts and Knowledge. But this isn’t an easy ride, you have to your stats on lock to finish it.

Persona 5 Top Tips #2 Kitchijoji

P5 Royal has introduced a Whole new area in the game called Kitchijoji, now this has lots of new things you can do, which is super dope, we’re talking, a clothing store, food vendors. Shops and even a temple, where you can buff your SP Points.

But my favourite new addition by far is the Penguin Sniper! Now the Penguin Sniper is a America style pool bar where you can do various activities, now my favourite activity to do at this bar is to play darts. Yes you can call your whole clique and play some darts. You do this by using your Dualshock controller like a PS Move Motion controller, and basically you direct it and give it a flick of the wrist to shoot your dart.

The aim of the game is by hitting your darts you must reduce your points from 301 to exactly 0 points, so you can’t just spam bullseye, move around and count down from 301.

Now this really dope, I spent hours just playing and getting lost in this. And you get to Increase your batten pass stats in battle mode, which is super useful when your in palaces and momentous. This is one of my favourites.

Persona 5 Top Tips #3 – Playing Pool 

Now another activity you can do at the penguin sniper is play billiards or pool to you and me.

Yes you can play pool, with your confidants. Now this is another really cool activities. Now I’m Persona 5 Royal you can chill with your confidants in the evening and pool is something I’d recommend you do to build up your stats and your relationship bonus, so you’re stronger when you fight together


Persona 5 Top Tips #4 – Dating 

There’s array of fellow students you can date and get to know from class honor student, who are all about the books. Although your a teenager you can date adults.  Becky your class teacher who’s moon lighting in a Japanese maid services, new girl, Kashmui, a feisty gymnast. You can get to know the local doctor. Who’s has a rock chick vibe and fludes you with medication.

So many amazing characters to connect with and find yourself very own wifey.


Persona 5 Top Tips #5 – Thieves Den 

Thieves den cool little metaverse den for the Phantom thieves to flex, you can spend you den points to buy statues of your favourite characters personas, new character Jose keep you updated with everything you needs, there’s an excuse gallery, to purchase artwork, dope movie theatre to watch your favourite Anime cutscenes. Music and lastly a cool card game.




Written and reviewed by Mr Midas

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Get Yourself A Car That Will Survive The Winter



The thought of getting a new car is so exciting to the majority of us. It’s like getting a new toy that we never have to give back, will probably not break on us for the next couple of years, and allows us to have some new fun. It’s like getting a new phone, or buying a new house, the excitement is up there, and for some of you will definitely be a lot higher. Because for someone who is into their cars so much, a decision like this does not come lightly. You will no doubt be in love with the car that you have now, doing anything you can to keep it on the road if it’s packing up on you. Which every car eventually will do after many years of having an owner, especially one with bad driving habits. So you have to ask yourself, is your car going to make it through the winter, or is it time to think about bagging yourself a new one. If you know it’s time for a new one, we’ll show you how to make sure you get one that’ll last the winter, as well as the next few years with you!



One You Trust, From Somewhere You Trust


Getting a car that you trust is just so important. The more time you spend around cars, from all different manufacturers and ages, you realise that cars are just not that reliable, and nor are the people selling them to you. Unless you really know what you’re looking for, cars can be an absolute nightmare to buy. So first, go for a dealership that you know has a good track record with selling reliable cars, such as LMC cars. All it takes is one reliable dealership, and you have a place to buy your cars from for life. It’s not always ideal to go straight to the manufacturers themselves, because the money they charge is so much higher, and you can often find a better deal elsewhere.


The Best Winter Cars


Winter cars are not your average car. Some cars just aren’t made for the harsh weather, such as BMW’s due to their rear wheel drive, and older cars, because they’re more likely to pack up working during the harsh months. So the best car to have in the winter, is a 4×4, and they’re one of the best during the other months of the year as well. It doesn’t have to be a brand new one, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive Range Rover. There are so many affordable 4×4’s that you could look into, ones that we know will be suitable for the harsh weather. All you have to do is get searching through dealerships.


Keeping Up The Maintenance 


Maintenance of your car is so important. The more you focus on the maintenance of the car, weekly, the longer it’ll last for you. This involves making sure that there’s the right mix of screenwash and water in your car, the oil level is right, and the tyre pressure is right. It’s far more dangerous going out in the ice, and perhaps even snow when it comes.

Netflix Tips

Netflix Tips: Make the best of Netflix!

Love Netflix as much as we do? Well here’s some Netflix Tips to make your experience even better! (All the following steps take place within Netflix’s app)

Netflix Tips!

#1 Download even better looking content

If you head on over to App Settings (Within Netflix) > Video Quality > Higher all of your downloaded content visuals will be improved ten fold! However, these videos will take up more space on your hard drive and will hit the data allowance a little more. Though we think that that’s a great trade off!

Netflix Tips

Netflix Tips

#2 Kick your Ex off your account

If you’ve broken up with your significant other and want to take back control of your Netflix account as well as your life, it’s as simple as 1,2,3. Simply head on over to Account > Recent Device Streaming Activity. This will first show you who has been access the account and what devices have been used.

Then, we can kick the ex off the account, though it requires a complete destruction of all devices that use the account. Therefore you’re going to have to re-sign in on your iPhone, Laptop and other places you use Netflix. Go to Account > Sign out of all devices> Sign out. Boom. No more Netflix for them!

Netflix Tips

Netflix Tips

#3 See how quick you binge your favourite shows

If you ever want to see this information and how long you’ve been sat in front of the telly. Head on over to Account > Viewing Activity

Netflix Tips

Netflix Tips


#3 Make a Kid Friendly profile

Have a brother, niece, cousin or your own flesh and blood and want to show them the glorious library of Netflix content. But want to keep them away from the stuff they shouldn’t see? Make them their own account! Simply tap More in the bottom right hand side of the screen > Add Profile > Slide over for the ‘For Children’ option. Then voila, complete!

Netflix Tips

Netflix Tips

Download Netflix Apple / Android


How to Stop Your Pictures from Being Hacked from iCloud

Although having your personal photos shared on the Internet is highly unlikely, unless you’re famous, we don’t do ourselves any favours by syncing private pictures to online drives without thinking about it, and having passwords that anyone could guess after a few goes.

Make sure your iPhone isn’t uploading your photos to iCloud

The camera roll on your phone physically stores the photos you’ve taken on your device.

If Photo Stream is enabled, there will be another album in the Photos section, called My Photo Stream.

The photos in the My Photo Stream album are stored on Apple’s iCloud serves, with the tech giant keeping all the images you’ve taken in the last 30 days.

This is useful for accessing photos on other devices, or having automatic backups if you lose your phone – but it also makes it easier to have hackers access and leak your personal images.

To disable Photo Stream, tap Settings, then click on your Apple ID. Go to iCloud, tap Photos, then switch off the My Photo Stream feature.

Have a strong, unique password

Many people will use the same password for multiple accounts – so if you’re using ‘password123’ to log into your Apple ID, Facebook, Twitter and Hotmail, a hacker will have access to all of these accounts by knowing a single password.

To change your Apple ID password, visit My Apple ID, sign in, then head to the Security section to change your password.


Use two-step authentication

Apple already offers this for iCloud users, and it’s also available on sites such as WordPress.

Every time you log into an account, a code will be sent to your phone – and this code changes after every login attempt.

In other words, a hacker would have to be in possession of your phone to get the code for your account right.


Use fake answers to security questions

If you have a public presence, with personal information such as your mother’s birthplace or favourite food easily accessible via Google search, or you’re being hacked by someone who can find out personal information another way, use random answers to security questions that they’d never guess.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Photo Hacks

Recently, Apple released a new website crammed with tips, hacks and tutorials to help out iPhone 7 users with their photography skills.

To hear the guys chatting more about this please click here!