ShredMate Moutain Bike Computer

The ShredMate is a really cool mini computer for all the mountain bike enthusiasts out there. The ShredMate easily and quickly connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and tracks your ride. Simply attach the device to your bike via the forks and the magnet on the wheel. Then allow it to track a whole library of different aspects of your riding. These aspects include, jump tracking, g-force tracking, rough trail detection, speed, distance and mapping.

ShredMate. Tracking genius.

Landings and air time are tracked extensively. Riders then check the ShredMate app to see how they do during rides and adjust accordingly. Therefore allowing a user to ultimately become a smoother rider. The device detects speed and the map changes colour based on this. So for example, red will be fast and green is slow. The accompanying app even gives you little achievements or awards as your ride to encourage you to become a better rider! Plus you can keep on riding for 6months until the battery needs changing so eradicates the need to stress over if you have charged the device or not!



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NYC Tracking Homeless People

NYC are trying to battle the social problem of homelessness and the NYC mayor is planning to deploy a tool to count every homeless person in the city.

In the hands of workers that reach out to the homeless every day “Street Smart” will help to track health, income, demographics and other figures. The city wants to help collate and build this comprehensive data and get the people the help they need.

Time is needed to build trust with the homeless & “Street Smart” collects data and makes it accessible to multiple social workers who may come in contact with the same person, whilst keeping a homeless persons data/privacy on lock.

The obvious massive advantage to this is the easily accessible data such as a homeless persons behavioral patterns and trouble points, at a worker’s fingertips without having to delve into mountains of paperwork. Plus gives workers a heads up when shelters aren’t giving or offering the help to the homeless that they should, not forgetting the benefit of easily being able to check in on a homeless person if they need help or someone to talk to.

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Zerotech Dobby Drone!

We recently checked out the Zerotech Dobby Drone and boy does it fly!!

The Zerotech Dobby Drone is a drone so small it will fit into your pocket and weighs only 200g!

  • Take an aerial selfie with auto take off from your hand.
  • Automatic Pull Away and Fly back! (10/30/60second videos)
  • 13 Megapixel Photos
  • 1080p Videos
  • 75 degree field of view
  • Includes a built in tutorial right in the app
  • Active target tracking
  • Advanced Positioning for Safe Hassle-Free Flying
  • GPS+GLONASS Dual Satellite for outdoor positioning
  • Sonar + Optical Flow for indoor positioning
  • 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual Band Wi-Fi
  • Withstands wind speeds of up to 28km/h

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Japan playing tag with the elderly!

Japan have taken steps to keep their elderly in check, they’re adding barcodes to their thumbnails and toenails. Weird,Crazy and slightly concerning…but hear us out!

There’s a company in Iruma, which is a company 40 miles from Tokyo that want to add this tagging system to the elderly, not to tag us all in some sort of scary dystopian underworld. But a way to help elderly people in Japan suffering from dementia be found if they go wandering by themselves and get lost. They are ‘tagged’ with a transparent one inch sticker which has a QR code on it. The seal is water resistant and lasts roughly 2 weeks. Embedded within the QR code is a patient’s name, address, phone number and who to contact if they’re found. While it doesn’t have any tracking technology built in, it certainly goes a long way to identifying any lost patients so they’re able to get home safely.

As crazy as this sounds, this isn’t out of the ordinary for the people of Japan. There’s even a small economy of elderly people tracking and tagging from things like GPRS Trackers and wearable soles!

Dementia is quite common in Japan, with Japanese outlet ‘Yomirui’ estimating nearly 3,000 elders have early symptoms of dementia, couple this with The Guardian reporting that 12,000 dementia patients were reported missing last year in Japan and while most a found relatively quickly 450 were found dead and 150 were never found.

While weird, crazy and slightly funny at the same time, this scheme will help out a lot of families whose loved ones go missing due to dementia.

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