Episode 293 Dane Baptiste

Twitter Troll Squad



The internet wouldnt be the internet without Trolls! However, Trolls can step over the mark and  Twitter is a breeding ground for them and their going to be doing something about it, announcing the “Twitter Trust & Safety Council”

Twitters troll squad has 40 companies including safety advocates and academics will help to make people feel safe when chatting shit online.

How they will tackle trolls online isnt exactly clear but engaging in juvenile back and fourth with the trollee may infact make you the troller. So maybe do as mummy told you and (not punch them so they dont say it again) but go and tell the teacher! However they’re focusing on preventing abuse, harassment and bullying which tragically can lead to suicide.This echoes what Twitter did last year when they rolled out a bulk troll eliminating tool which allows you to share lists of users you have blocked with your fellow followers.