Nintendo Direct September

Last night’s Nintendo Direct September announcements came thick and fast and there was a lot to get through! However, us at How To Kill An Hour has got you covered! Below is the highlights of what was announced:

– Overwatch is confirmed for release on October 15
– Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is gaining a number of fighters
– More details on Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokémon Sword & Shield released
– Nintendo Switch Online is gaining 20 Super Nintendo games
– N64 classic Doom 64 will be released in November
– A new Star Wars: Jedi Knight game is coming


Firstly Overwatch, everyone’s favourite 6 vs team based first person shooter is heading to Nintendo switch on the 15th October!

Super Smash Bros


Super Smash Bros Ultimate Team Battle is gaining loads of new fighters one HUGE name that’s got a lot of buzz on the internet, is Banjo Kazooie! Also, they announced that beyond the fighters (5 additional) that will be available in the fighter pass, they are working on more fighters! Furthermore SNK Legend, Terry Bogart is coming to the popular fighting game!

Luigi’s Mansion 3

There was more information gathered about Luigi’s Mansion 3 during Nintendo Direct. Every floor will have a theme. The Tomb Suites will house a pyramid inside of the hotel! Also inside the Mansion is a disco floor and a pirate themed restaurant! Furthermore a new ScreamPark mode was announced! ScreamPark is a mode where Team Luigi and Teem Gooigi will battle one on one, to defeat the most ghosts and collect the most coins by “piloting floaties with the Poltergust G-00”, and break the most targets. Don’t know about you but that sounds like A LOT OF FUN!

Pokemon Shield and Sword

Pokemon fans rejoice! A brand new set of Pokemon games were announced and revealed Sword and Shield.

Doom 64 for Nintendo Switch

Also, a version of Doom 64, the original Doom for Nintendo 64 was announced and boy does it bring back some glorious memories!

NEW GAMES for Nintendo Online announced at Nintendo Direct September

Nintendo Announced a total of 20 Super Nintendo Games for Nintendo Switch Online. So, not only that you’ll get to enjoy them while using a Super Nintendo style wireless controller! Available to purchase as a special offer which is exclusively for paid Nintendo Switch Online members!

A new Star Wars game

A brand new Star Wars game was announced for the Switch too! You play as a former student of Luke Skywalker. They have betrayed the Jedi Academy and it’s up to New Republic’s Kyle Katarn to restore order. Play Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast strikes back on 24th September!

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Bring Your Banger Up to Date in Five Steps

While many covet brand new cars, there are plenty of reasons you’d go for an older model. Sure, there might be more miles on the clock, and more wear technically means they’re less reliable, but if you have a particular type of car you love then it might be the older version you’re after. Even old bangers can be brought up to date with a little care and some new features added, here are some of the ways you can go about it.


Sound system

Newer cars almost always have great tech and sound systems built in, meaning a vehicle lacking these features will be a huge giveaway of its age. But you don’t need to settle with an out of date stereo as there are so many third party models on the market that can be installed into your existing console without too much hassle. Apple Carplay and Android Auto stereos are some of the best on the market. You can also find models with built in dash cams, reversing cameras and navigation too.



You can spend time and effort modernising your car inside and out, but one thing that’s always going to to give away its age is the number on the plates. Not only are private plates a great way to personalise your vehicle but disguise the age of it too. Companies like offer this.



Unless the car you’ve purchased has been looked after extremely well, chances are there will be some level of damage or wear to the paintwork in the form of minor rust, scuffs or scratches. A full respray can be really expensive, and often isn’t worth the investment unless the car is rare or something you plan on keeping forever. If only one or two panels are damaged you could look into having them repaired separately. In other cases, you might be able to correct damage such as fine scratches and swirl marks which are a result of improper washing using polishes and compounds. This can take years off the look of the paint. Ceramic paint coating is gaining in popularity, this hard coating is more durable than wax and protects it from scratches, dirt and chemical contamination. A proper ceramic coating will need to be done by a professional, but there are some products out there you can apply yourself if you have the time and patience.



Updating the wheels can really change the look of a car. If yours don’t suit the modern style you’re aiming for, consider replacing them. If they’re fine as they are but are just in need of some TLC, have them refurbished. Lots of companies offer this, if you want to change the colour of them this can be achieved with powder coating.



Keyless entry might seem like a new feature, but it’s been used on some cars right back from the late nineties. But as convenient as it is, it opens up your car to thieves who can amplify the signal and access your car. Security features like a Faraday cage block the signal and increase security.

Fifa franchise

Fifa franchise may be changing?

SOne of the world’s most popular gaming franchises may be changing! EA’s Fifa franchise may look completely different from 2019 onwards. In the form of subscription based gaming. According to EA Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Wilson, there will be no more annual releases in favour of continuous game updates.

According to him, consumer culture is gearing more towards digital downloads and subscribtion based models. EA’s own EA Access is a prime example. The Fifa franchise would move in an era where squad and kit updates would occur at the end of each transfer window.

“When we design a game that lives in a true streaming world, we have to think about screen size and session time” Explained Wilson. “The greatest disruptor to the consumption of entertainment media in the last five years has been the combination of streaming plus subscription” 

While, it can be said that this has been a long time coming. Since, Fifa at the end of the day only transfers and a few gameplay tweaks every year. So why not have these as simple game updates annually, whilst patching and adding bits in throughout the year?


Most of all it boils down to how much consumers are willing to pay. How much would you pay to play EA’s Fifa franchise?




Pre Apple WWDC

What to expect from WWDC 2017 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference held annually in California, US).

What are the latest upgrades and operating systems going to involve? Finally we will be talking about the rumours and speculations about the possible refreshes to a number of key product lines. Here is some of what we expect to see from Apple.


Siri Speaker: Apple’s very own version of the Amazon Echo/Google Home.

iPad Pro 10.5: Another screen size?! After seeming to streamline things in recent months, Apple are bringing out a larger iPad.

MacBook Pro and Air Spec Bumps: Any new upgrades for the MacBook ill most likely be internal- only, maybe resulting in faster speeds and better, longer lasting battery life. The chips may be coming to MacBook Air also.



iOS11: The tablet version of the operating system is said to b getting some pro-level updates such as; multi-user login and expanded support for the Apple Pencil. Also as Apple is pushing for more video content, Apple may be having a revamped version of Music.

macOS/ watchOS/ tvOS: Expect massive changes and refreshes for all three operating system.

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