Bionik Mantis VR Headphones for PSVR

Bionik Mantis VR Headphones

The bionik Mantis VR Headphone's for the PlayStation VR will totally immerse you in gaming worlds! Find out more here:

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Saturday, 2 March 2019

Bionik Mantis VR Headphones – High Fidelity Headset For PSVR are really really cool! They bring super crisp audio to the VR world and a new element to the PSVR experience. To get the most out of the PSVR you have to wear headphones alongside it, the experience just won’t be the same listening through the audio from the television. In most cases headphones will have to be worn either over the ears and subsequently the headset, which is cumbersome. Additionally, you can wear ear buds when playing the PSVR but again it is uncomfortable and the wires get in the way of the playing experience. 


To combat this Bionik have enabled their headphones to clip directly on to the PSVR headset. Furthermore they are lightweight and rest gently on the ears. Consequently eliminating any ear fatigue that may occur using other methods. The cables are tangle proof too, so there are no issues there! Furthermore the Bionik Mantis VR Headphones also share the same colour scheme as the PSVR, complimenting it well. Seamlessly integrating with the rest of the headset!

As they simply clip on to the PSVR the headphones are easily removable and when not in use they can simply be flipped upwards making them easy to put away and store, or if you need to hear what’s occurring in your environment. The headphones can easily be slid up or down the PSVR headset, raised or lowered,  making it easy to adjust for ear location and head size. Every one is different! Furthermore the over the ear pads (often sold separately) blocks out more sound than any other design making it highly immersive.

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VR Concert

The First VR Concert

Our friends over at Mashable are reporting about the recent Oculus Venue concert from Vance Joy. Vance performed at the Colorado Red Rock Amphitheatre and it was beamed across the world as a live VR concert.

It was part of a brand new feature that’s available for the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. A feature that allows users to watch live events with friends in VR! To show off this cool feature Facebook offered a free concert from Australian Vance Joy to concert goers back in May. It wasn’t pre-recorded and beamed across the world like a DVD showing. It was an actual live event. A first for Facebook/Oculus but not a brand new thing. To be eligible for this you had to have an Oculus Account, the Oculus iOS/Android App and a Oculus Go or Gear VR headset. Bad luck any of you top of the line Oculus owners, you were out of luck. Then open up the Venue section and connect to the event.


Just like in real life you sit down in a stadium , albeit a virtual one, looking at the Red Rock Amphitheatre. Look around and it’s filled with other VR concert goers in avatar form. You are able to watch in both solo mode or with others in social mode too. While as you would expect social mode allows you to chat with other fans, in an attempt from Oculus to make it feel like an actual concert. Like you’re there, without actually being there. If you are wondering too, you can chat to them using your voice and not messaging one another. Though as Oculus is Facebook owned, if you share common interests with the person next to you, it will show up on screen.

VR concert: Behaviour

As is like the real world you’re going to have to behave yourself, upon entering the arena, Mashable are reporting that you are presented with a code of conduct screen. Which we’re not sure if many people will read, yet, Mashable are reporting that it states not to harass, use any offensive language or display anti-social behaviour. So like in real life at concerts. Don’t be a d*ck.

If someone is being the aforementioned body part you can click on their avatar and Facebook will look into it. While they may not get kicked out straight away, you are able to mute and block them. If only that feature could work in the real world. However, you can add them as an Oculus friend. You can turn up the music and turn down the chat volume of the crowd too. With Mashable reporting that this was a real pleasing part of the experience! To add to this experience trumping a real life concert, there are no phones in your face recording the event. People are too busy enjoying the music or talking to one another. Something that really should happen in real life in all honesty.

Is it worth it?

Enjoy music at home, without the commute home, pushing and shoving, drugged up skinny teenagers trying to sell you dodgy pills, p*ss bottles, should know better middle aged people trying to be cool or the rowdy couple who couldn’t wait to get home. While all that sounds rather inviting and pleasing, maybe that’s what concerts are all about. The experience, the atmosphere isn’t just the same as being there. That’s what it feels like, hopefully we get the chance to experience this in How To Kill An Hour towers ourselves, as it seems rather intriguing!

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Arca's Path

Episode 285 Arca’s Path w/Dave Ranyard

Rick and Morty VR

Rick and Morty VR: Get lost in the Universe!

Rick and Morty VR

Firstly, Rick and Morty VR, is a game for all of you diehard Rick and Morty fans out there. Literally be transported in to the world of Rick and Morty and walk around the home of Morty, Summer, Beth and Jerry! Better yet explore teh alien worlds that Rick takes Morty on during the hit show!

Everything that is shown on the cartoon, players will be able to create in this cutting edge VR adventure from Adult Sim Games and Welchemy Labs. You can play as a Morty cline and explore all around Ricks garage and all the trauma that comes with it. (Consequently the adventures that come with it) Step into bizarre alien worlds simply by stepping through a portal. Yes you literally have to step through the portal, the game is THAT immersive.


So, you may think that this game is simply sitting and walking around the Rick and Morty universe. Nope. Rick and Morty VR literally is a VR world that is fully immersive. Pick up things from inside the world, move objects to the side. For example you can throw iconic items like the Plumbus around Rick’s garage.

Follow Rick’s directions throughout the game and complete the missions that he sets you in a game that’s got the voice actors in it. (Or maybe don’t follow Rick’s directions, you may end up somewhere you really don’t want to be!)

The game is in full 3D and we cannot get enough of it! Consequently, if you are not a fan of Rick and Morty you will really enjoy the tasks that Rick sets you. Even, simply walking around the different universes really shows off how good VR can be!


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Oculus Gloves

Oculus Gloves: Immersion crazy!

Oculus Rift are looking to make VR a lot more immersive and we cannot wait! If their latest patents come to fruition that is. Oculus Rift are said to be working on a set of Oculus Gloves that provide haptic feedback, throwing a user into a world of immersion never seen before!

Oculus Gloves: How they work

The patents describe “tendons” within the gloves that mimic and simulate the sense of a realistic touch. All within the virtual world, so they’d tense and relax based on what your doing. Such as picking up a glass of water, or opening a door. While this sounds super cool, it won’t be the same as holding something in your hand though. As your fingers and hands are able to sense that your holding something through pressure in your fingers. Yet these designs from Oculus work in a different way. They work opposite, in the sense that the tendons will run along the back of your hand. Using the haptic feeback to offer resistance to your own movements.  Thus mimicking that your touching an object. So not the same, but pretty darn close!

The Oculus gloves are described by the guys over at Digital Trends as having string tied to the backs of your hands. Pulling at you and making the action of clenching your fists a little bit different. Yet in real life, you’d see the effect with your own eyes. Therefore if you’re in a VR world, the input in your eyes you’d experience the action of pulling differently. Your brain would be tricked into believing that your holding the object.

Patents don’t always mean that the product will come to fruition. But it is quite cool to imagine how this would be implemented! Imagine Call Of Duty picking up a gun or Forza, holding a steering wheel whilst racing around Imola. How cool does that sound! What’s even more impressive is that Tesla want to take this one step further and make full body suits!

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Four Thieves

Four Thieves – A whole lot of fun!

Four Thieves is like no pub you have seen before! It’s unlike anything we have seen before, we’ll say that much! If you want fun on a Friday night head down to the Four Thieves pub as we can guarantee if you’ll have fun! There is so much to do there besides drink copious amounts of alcohol. So much more, if you’re a big kid, you’ll love it. Ok I’ll stop hyping it up now and actually tell you why we think that it’s so good. It’s impressed us. Can you tell?

This pub has a lot of games inside it, there’s a whole room dedicated to it! There’s Moonshine Racing which is remote controlled car racing, Virtual Reality Booths, Mini-Golf and Retro Arcade games! The beers that the guys sell here are all brewed from their own on-site brewery. Great food available, lots of different events on weekly, it’s no surprise that the pub picked up a best pub nomination from Time Out just two weeks after opening!


Four Thieves Food

Four Thieves Food

The guys over at Four Thieves have created great dishes taking influence from great British pub food and also the vibrant street food scene made with seasonal, fresh locally sourced ingredients! It’s so good it’ll make you want to stop gaming to grab a bite to eat.






Here’s a bit more about those games we were telling you about:

Moonshine Raceway

Four Thieves Raceway

Four Thieves Raceway

The Moonshine Raceway is an intense RC car race against 10 other players, in a game that’s described as the hottest “true to life motorsport experience”



Four Thieves VR

Four Thieves VR

The VR venue at Four Thieves is the UK’s only dedicated virtual reality installation, available to the public! There has a range of different games available to you whilst at your time at the pub.

Brookhaven Experiement

In this game you step into a deserted town square, at night and a lone. Fight a swap of Zombies armed with just a pistol and a flashlight. You can even change the theme with this one, ask the guys there to be put into the storm drains, or the reservoir.


This game is a classic! It’s a simple protect your castle with a bow and arrow game. Shoot hoards of enemies as they attack your castle with your trusty bow and arrow.


Your tasked with making sure that a giant is fully functional. You’re the technition and it’s your job to make sure it works. The twist. The way you check that it works is by firing bowling balls at towering stacks of crates in the warehouse.



Plonk Golf

Four Thieves Golf

Four Thieves Golf

Plonk Golf is a crazy golf game in the middle of a pub that’s dark, but it’s filled with a lot of colour to keep things crazy. (Alongside the obvious when it comes to crazy golf) The crazy golf does cost £6 a game, no pre-booking though, just turn up and get swinging.


Lady Chastity’s Reserve

Solve the sordid secrets of Lady Chastity’s vineyard in time to win her fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine, but hurry, she doesn’t suffer idiots lightly. This new immersive gaming experience promises to be an entertaining and exciting challenge for you and your friends.

The game has been described as ‘the next generation of the ‘escape room’ format, offering surprising challenges throughout, while involving a ‘Punchdrunk’ twist with a comedic tale of mystery. This immersive story plunges players into the action, much like a dark ‘Secret Cinema’. Lady Chastity’s Reserve is proud to be dubbed as ‘the Crystal Maze on crystal meth’.



Four Thieves Events

Four Thieves Events

Four Thieves hosts different events each week, so there’s always something on for you to check them out! They host the very best comedians and even take part in an you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it quiz hosted by Boogaloo Stu!








Four Thieves Brewery

Four Thieves Brewery

So, the guys over at Four Thieves brew their own beer, a whole 40 casks! That’s 1440 pints! So therefore there’s a steady flow of craft ale at the Four Thieves Pub. The Four Thieves has its own Keg pale ale and their own brewer fresh lager – a Czech style pilsner, served straight into the glass in the bar.




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The Pendulum

The Pendulum: Incredibly scary hyper reality

This week Marcus has delved into the world of VR once more and this time we’re not sure if he came out of it the same man as he was when he went in. It’s called ‘The Pendulum’ from the guys over at the Vault festival.

The story of ‘The Pendulum’ is as follows. You take on a character that has a secret that can bring down something called the ‘Foundation’. They have a device called The Pendulum which will reveal all of your darkest fears and use them against you.

Can you resist and survive The Pit in which you are placed?

‘The Pendulum’ is described as a hyper-reality experience, it’s one of the first that’s here in the UK. (We’ve tried another one with the Star Wars franchise) The Pendulum blends VR and physical sensations to immerse users in to a world that’s almost like our own. Consequently creating an unnerving interactive horror for one person.

The Pendulum Story

The story is loosely based on an original Edgar Allen Poe story, yet, it takes a lot of it’s inspiration by eighties visceral and psychological horror movies. Kronenberg and Hellraiser are some of the most famous examples that you may be aware of.

The site that The Pendulum is on also immerses you before the story even begins, with creepy environments (we won’t say exactly what, don’t want to give away the secrecy) The story has different endings depending on how you fare once inside, however, you got to make it to the end first.

However, one thing to note that, this game is scary, it’s designed to scare you. We will say that, if you do get too frightened and want the experience to stop, there is a safeword. So take on ‘The Pendulum’ at your own peril!

So, what do you think of the sound of the Pendulum? Have you experienced The Pendulum already? Let us know your thoughts by connecting with us on our social platforms, we’re @howtokillanhour across all of them!

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Star Wars Secrets of The Empire

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire: Ultimate Star Wars Experience?

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire from the guys over at The Void, may just be the ultimate Star Wars Experience. It’s a hyper reality experience that takes over all of your senses to transport you into the world of Star Wars!

It’s a full sensory immersive VR/AR experience that takes you inside the action. Literally! It’s location based, so the sets are interactive too, there’s also real time effects that help to heighten your experience. They really go ALL IN, in trying to make your experience as real as possible.

You really have to experience yourself to truly understand what we’re talking about. (It’s THAT GOOD trust us!) Plus we’re really not allowed to delve into too much as the experience is all about discovery! We wouldn’t want to ruin the secret for you either!

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire: How does it work?

Before you go into the hyper reality Star Wars Secrets of the Empire experience you have to put on RIG (Rapture Insertion Gear) this allows you to feel the force of all the things around you via haptic feedback! (It’s so hard not to tell you what you’ll be feeling!) You then put on the VR/AR headset to give you a full 360 degree HD experience of Star Wars. You also get given a blaster (which also has haptic feedback built in)

We won’t say much else but our very own Marcus Bronzy had this to say:

That was one of the most intense virtual reality experiences I have felt, I feel like I have actually been a part of a Star Wars film”

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Star Wars Jedi Challenges

Star Wars Jedi Challenges: Become a Jedi

Star Wars Jedi Challenges: Feel The Force!

Star Wars Jedi Challenges is the piece of tech for all Star Wars fans in 2018. With the help of augmented reality you’ll be transported into the Star Wars universe! There’s an array of cool VR/AR tech coming to our homes in the coming weeks and months! However, this has got to be one of the best things we have seen here at the office! We cannot believe that someone hasn’t thought of this before. Augmented and Virtual reality is perfect for the Star Wars franchise. Helping to bring nostalgia to a lot of men and women around the world. So we think that this is going to be used a lot more by the parents than the children!

With the help of the AR headset, complete an array of challenges to become a Jedi! Train to become a Jedi Master, have Jedi Battles with the Sith, play HoloChess, complete strategic combat right from your table! This sounds absolutely incredible and we LOVED it when it came into the studio!

So, how does this become reality? By using the smartphone-powered Lenovo Mirage AR headset and a Lightsaber controller, that is all, to transport you into space and fight to save the universe! The Lightsaber controller enables you to experience what it’s like to yield a lightsaber. So you can feel your opponents attacks with the force feedback! Whilst a tracking beacon ensures accurate and detailed tracking of yourself and the lightsaber controller. Furthermore allowing the AR headset to fill your environment with an immersive universe. While not just a video image displayed in front of you.

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Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift may not be the most affordable virtual reality kits out there on the market. But it is definitely one of the most powerful. Also the fact that it runs on gaming PC’s means that there is a plethora of applications available for it! So, your limits are as far as your imagination!

While being purchased by Facebook raised a few eyebrows in the tech world. (Yet to see the fruits of this purchase on a consumer end) This hasn’t dampened the thirst for the Oculus Rift and it remains one of the most sort after tech hardware to date!

Oculus Rift Features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Intuitive control via the rift controllers that feel more fluid than gaming controllers
  • 360 degree spacial audio to truly immerse a user
  • 100’s of games, apps and experiences!

While Oculus are continuing to update the software they’ve introduced something revolutionary in the personal PC space. So, check out Oculus Dash!

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