Emojis 2020 – What we’re getting

Emojis 2020, what are we getting? Well There’s a brand new list of inclusive emojis that will be soon it’s way to smartphones near you.

Such as a gender-neutral Santa called Mx Claus, however, in total there’s 117 new icons which we be released. Furthermore a transgender flag and a man in a wedding dress will be released. Other ones include bubble tea, bottle feeding parents and a smiling face with a tear. This would express a happy/sad emotion.

The update will bring a ‘pinched fingers’ emoji, which has already been dubbed the ‘Italian hand getsure’. The Mx Claus and the man in a wedding dress is part of an update. Which lets use change the gender of an emoji.

The Unicode Foundation introduced the new icons as part of an update called Emoji 13.o. While it’s up to individual manufacturers to introduce the emoji’s. We’re likely to see the roll out in the 2nd half of 2020.

Emojis 2020: Emojipedia

Explaining the new ‘gender-inclusive’ options, Emojipedia editor-in-chief Jeremy Burge wrote:

‘This has been achieved by reclassifying the previous emojis for “man in tuxedo” and ‘bride with veil’ as gender-neutral. ‘Future software updates will show these with an ambiguous gender, and rename them to ‘person in tuxedo’ and ‘person with veil’ respectively.

New sequences in Emoji 13.0 permit a choice of a woman or man for either the tuxedo or veil-wearing emojis.

During this transition, current platforms will continue to show the older, gendered appearance for these emojis, until the new gendered sequences are implemented on iOS, Android, and other apps later in 2020.

First pushed by Google in early 2019, having three choices for human emojis (person – with no gender specified, or options for a woman or man) avoids issues where some emojis have a woman, man, or an ambiguous gender.

Many of these decisions are a relic of much earlier emoji releases, such as the gender pair of a bride being a man in tuxedo, which previously prevented there from being the option of a woman wearing the same clothing.’


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