Burger King Whopper Whoppa

Whoppa on a Whopper!

Burger King have put Tinie Tempah on top of a Whopper. Yes you read that right, Tinie is now on a Whopper. Not a print on top of a whopper, actual Tinie on a Whopper. Burger King and Tinie have unveiled a world first. A private AR concert on a burger. Helping to bring summer vibes and extra heat to the UK’s favourite flame grill. A Tinie Whoopa!

For a limited time only Burger King have teamed up with legendary UK rap artist Tinie to offer a bespoke virtual performance of his summer anthem Whoppa….on a Whopper. Diners will now be able to scan a special QR code on their Whopper Burger. Which will generate a miniature Tinie. It will show him performing his latest hit ‘Whoppa’ using the iconic signature burger as his stage.

Tinie will bring his energy and flavour to his latest single to the masses through an innovative and impressive world first format. Anyone who purchases a Whopper from July 28th and through into August will get to interact with a hyper-realistic digital Tinie. While it’s all in an intimate 360 degree performance.

It is said to be the smallest gig ever and will be the closest many of us have come to a live performance since March this year. As all the festivals have been cancelled due to COVID.

Creating a buzz….

Tinie said: “When we made this song, the vibe was all about summer time and bringing that Latin heat and energy to the UK music scene – not so much about burgers! But when Burger King reached out on Twitter, we immediately knew we just had to collaborate. Of all the ways I’d be launching a single in 2020, I couldn’t have predicted that it would be through a performance on top of a flame-grilled Whopper!”

“As soon as we heard about Tinie’s Whoppa song, we couldn’t help but dream up innovative ways to get involved. Of all of the ideas, this was the one that really brought a smile, and we’re so glad we’re able to offer our Whopper as a stage at a time when we could all do with a bit of fun and frivolity.”  Katie Evans, Marketing Director for Burger King® UK 

Tinie Whoopa Plot!

Tinie teams up with two Latina superstars in Mexican pop powerhouse Sofia Reyes and Colombian Reggaeton pioneer Farina. The track is designed to channel the festival spirit straight from the streets of Mexico. The track serves as the perfect remedy to the lost summer of 2020. To date Whoppa has amassed over 8M streams worldwide.

Furthermore, you can listen or watch the song in full, click here.

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