Hotline Dating

There’s a new dating app that not only focuses on calling somebody, it is mandatory before any other communication with a potential match is allowed !

It’s called Hotline and it requires you to have a 5minute call with somebody using the in-app VOIP service. It can be quite scary if you’re shy, but the idea of this is, is to find out if the person you’re chatting with is a real person for one and, if they are as interesting as their profile says that they are!

Also included on the app is videos on your profile and you’re limited to three matches at a time. Hotline has spoken to Mashable and said that this is a conscious move to avoid users treating the people they match with as commodities.

Unfortunately the service is limited to New York (although you can download the app in the UK) and only available on iOS. It’s $9 a month and if it is a success they plan on expanding.

To download Hotline Dating please click here!

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