No One’s Joined Twitter For Months

Over the past 3 months, according to Twitters latest earnings report, the mammoth company grew by 0. Yes ZERO. 66 million less than what FB grew by in the same period, 9 million few than Twitter grew in the 1st quarter.

Twitter won’t shut down as it pulled in £440million in ads during the last quarter and it struggles to make money off of user generated content, Twitter isn’t at death’s door. But to grow by 0 in 3 months, for a company as big as Twitter, is concerning.

Twitter’s stats stated that 2million US people stopped using it during the last quarter and 70million people were using it occasionally, falling to 68million in quarter 2. Which is a BIG Drop as Twitter hasn’t seen that, like EVER & it grew by 1 million (to 260million) internationally.

Twitter says it’s focused on “making Twitter the best place to see and share what’s happening, where you can see every side and perspective.” What will they do to make Twitter more usable and increase users? We shall see….

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