Meet up in Spain!

Two friends went to Spain to catch up as it was cheaper to meet up in the UK!

University friends Lucy Walker and Zara Quil had planned to meet up in Birmingham but they decided to go to Spain after finding out that a return ticket would cost £105!

Lucy discovered that it was cheaper to go to Malaga from Newcastle, priced at £20 return with Ryanair than it was to go to Birmingham.

Baring in mind that Newcastle and Birmingham are only 200miles away and the UK and Malaga are 1,500miles apart, that is pretty crazy!

Zara paid £55.59 to go from Birmingham to Malaga using Vueling a Spaninsh budget airline. They then paid a tennar for the night to sleep in a hostel.

They met up on January 7th and stayed for three nights at the hostel.


To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!