2017’s Most Famous Meme

The years most famous meme, you know the one with the disapproving girlfriend scoulding her boyfriend for checking out another woman. No one is more suprised that it’s been memefied so to speak than the photographer that took it. Antonio Guillem a 45 year old photographer from Barcelona.

He usually takes stock photos and most of his porfolio consists of exaclty what we see in the meme, a man and two women in a situation that provokes a reacitve pose in one of the models.

Speaking to Wired.com Guillem said that he wanted to step away from what he usually does and produce some imagery that represents ‘infidelity concept in relationships in a fun and playful way”

Thus the years most famous meme was born! “Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl” became to be famous for the reason that not what it was intended for but we all love it anyway.