5 Exciting New Gaming Trends

If you need tangible proof of the advancement of technology, the gaming world is the place to go. When you think about how far gaming has come in the last few decades, it’s remarkable. From slow black and white screens to intense real-time gaming, the industry has made leaps and bounds. However, it’s not planning on stopping anytime soon. So, if you want to know what you can expect from the gaming world in the next few years, take a look below.

VR Headset

Virtual Reality


Virtual reality isn’t a new concept in the gaming world, but there is room for so much more than there is right now. 3D has been around longer than many people know. The reason that it wasn’t as mainstream as it is now is because it wasn’t affordable. Like the majority of innovative technology, the wealthy are the ones who get to experience it first. However, VR headsets are about to change the gaming world forever. For example, Oculus Rift, created by Palmer Luckey, has a huge field view, quicker response than other headsets and immersive 3D technology.


Secondary Screens


For years, gamers have been complaining about not being able to do two things at once while playing certain games. This is especially true for action games where time is precious and the last thing you want to do is pause the game to access another screen. The introduction of secondary screens, like Wii U and Xbox SmartGlass. If you are going to use an additional screen, you’ll need a quality HD one the LG 27UK850 Monitor. Being able to access maps or menus from one screen and continue to play on another will make gaming that more exciting.

PS4 Controller


Cheap Gaming


One of the downsides to gaming is that it can be expensive to kit yourself out with everything you need to get the full experience of games on the market right now. That’s why so many people are playing games on their phones. You can expect to see a rise in android powered game consoles where people can get their hands on cheap and free games with a 1080p gaming experience. The industry will no longer rely on big corporations to create expensive games.


Augmented Reality


Augmented reality has just as many possibilities as virtual reality. When using augmented reality, a gamer’s reality is altered to provide them with a new experience each time. For instance, games like DroidShooting can be played on phones. The game takes your surroundings and you have to shoot at the droids that appear within those surroundings. You’ll see your own reality on your phone but the game will add to it to create an experience.

Cloud Gaming


If you thought the Cloud didn’t have its finger in this pie too, you’d be wrong. The future of gaming will be more accessible, like music and movies, to those who want to game at the click of a button. All it will take is a device and an internet connection to play a selection of different games online.


Gaming is constantly changing, but always for the better.