Summer in london

5 Ways to kill time in the summer in London

So, Summer is just around the corner and there are a lot of things that you can do to in your spare time. Many of which not a lot of people know they actually exist. Yet, we originally didn’t know they existed either, but that’s why we’re here to bring cool things to do, to you, our audience, so you don’t have to go and research them yourselves. We pride ourselves on finding cool things to do and we have the definitive list of activities that you can do this summer in London! Therefore, without further adieu, here are 5 things to do in London that we think are absolutely amazing!

Predator Adventures

Why not go at high speed this summer in London?

Based at the Royal Victoria Dock in Central London, users are put into a super speed, high powered half-submersible speedboat that sends you through the water at an incredible rate. Ducking in and out of the water, just like a killer whale. Did we mention that the high speed powered vehicle that you’re strapped in, is shaped and designed to look just like a Killer Whale? No? Well it looks awesome! So, we’re implore you to try it out!

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Jack The Ripper Tour

Intrigued by Jack The Ripper? Why not go and scare yourself silly this summer in London?

For those who love a horror story, Jack the Ripper Tour is for you!

The tours starts in the heart of Jack the Ripper, at Aldgate East Station, 7 days a week. The tour is led by Jack the Ripper enthusiasts.

“London’s latest and most unique tourist attraction”

Jack the Ripper Tour prides itself on realism. Consequently, you get to visit the ACTUAL places where the victims were murdered. While handheld projectors are used to help re-enact the story on the tour.

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Time Run

Since we do live in Britain, therefore Summer doesn’t always mean ‘Summer’. As a result, if the weather is typically British this summer in London, why not head down to an escape room? An Hour To Kill An Hour favourite!

This is Time Run, an escape room that takes you through a range of time periods, imploring you to complete tasks and get back to modern day! Time Run captures your imagination right off the bat by having the entire experience take place with everyone in character.

Everything and anything is told to you by a cast of whacky characters who make up the Time Runner team, the best of which is your robot companion Babbage.You and your team get to venture between a multitude of time periods, solving a wide range of puzzles that range from ones that’ll give you a nice mental workout, to ones that will have your team crying out in confusion over how impossible it seems.

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Hot Tug

…..or take a break from all that running and chill out in a hot tub this summer in London?

Hot Tug is a very unique experience in Regents Canal, Islington, London, to ride a Hot Tub! The experience lasts 90mins with 75mins worth of relaxing along the canal, in the beautiful picturesque centre of London.

The water within the Hot Tug is heated to 38 degrees and is controlled by a wood burning stove at the front of the vehicle, you can choose from a range of accessories such as a Captains hat! Steering the Hot Tug is very easy and is used via a rudder at the back of the vehicle. Once your time is up the water is then cleaned and prepared for the next lot of ship mates!

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Big Smoke Scavenger Hunt

…….or have fun taking pictures this summer in London?

The Big Smoke Scavenger Hunt is an exciting, fun filled day out in London.

The challenging and unique experience consists of completing tasks set by Big Smoke. These tasks require participants to take photos of them undertaking said tasks. For example with 10 different places or things, standing upside down or with a dog. You may be required to take videos too depending on the challenge! As the name suggests you may end up running around London scavenging for various different items scattered around town!

While, you have 2 hours to complete all of these challenges, the team with the most completed tasks, wins a trophy!

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So, there it is the definitive How To Kill An Hour list of the 5 things that we think you should check out this summer! What else is happening this summer? The World Cup! We’re super excited! However, if you don’t like football, we have just the list for you, the top 5 things to do if you don’t like football. Therefore, another 5 things to do, we hope you check out some of them that you like the look of! Also, don’t forget to let us know what you think by contacting us via our social pages (@howtokillanhour) or via the contact page!