We got a chance to sit down and chat to British actor David Avery to find out more about him and his work, alongside more of what he likes to kill time with! David kills time doing  a lot of what he loves doing – acting! One of the shows he spoke about was “Borderline”

Borderline: Cast

Borderline is a mockumentary based on the lives and adventures of UK border officials. However, there is one thing that makes this show separate from other mockumentaries. The whole cast is made up of top comedy improvisers and  up and coming actors!

David has since moved on to do other shows in Troy, BACKSTAGE AT LIVE AID, The Night Manager and is due to star in short film ‘Tom’.

Borderline is a comedy which we feel that you’re definitely going to love. It’s something different and we wholeheartedly you check it out! It’s out on Netflix NOW!

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