Bulletproof Interrogation

Bulletproof Interrogation. Following on from the successful first series of Bulletproof (Noel Clarke / Ashley Walters) Sky are launching an interrogation experience based off the hit show.

Bulletproof Interrogation is an immersive, gripping and interactive experience that’s been developed exclusively by Sky, Vertigo Films and Charisma.ia. Which allows fans and viewers to engage with Sky TV content like they’ve never done before.


So, the aim of the Bulletproof Interrogation experience is to give fans a taster of Bishop and Pike’s world. Placing players at the heart of the action, becoming an active participant of an ongoing crime story. You’ll be taking direction from both Bishop and Bike during the experience, helping them prevent a series of murders. A suspected killer has been arrested and only wants to talk to you.

 Key Features of the Bulletproof Interrogation Experience 

  • You are inside the story, not just controlling it. For the first time in entertainment, audiences now play a part in interactive stories as themselves. Enter a fast-paced and highly immersive environment where you must react as you. This is not a set of Yes/No buttons to press. It is a natural language conversation which feels like it could be happening right now. 
  • Al-powered script using Natural Language Processing to understand what the viewer is saying. Then placing what is said into the context of the story, into the mood of the characters, ensuring the correct next line in the script is delivered.
  • Talk directly to our richly scripted characters through your laptop screens, and they will talk back as part of a pioneering storytelling experience.
  • Dynamic and Adaptive story: So, if the viewer is polite, then our characters will react politely. If the viewer is insulting, then the characters will react angrily. Each of these reactions then influences the storyline. Which impacts not only the next stages of the story, but the overall story arc, and how characters behave towards the viewer throughout the experience.


  • Replayable storytelling: Fans can play the game over and over again with a different experience each time, depending on how they treat the characters and respond to the challenges put in front of them. This grants the player true experiential freedom to make the game their own.
  • Synthetic voice acting: A separate recording session was done with the actor to capture his voice into the Artificial Intelligence engine Resemble.ai. This means that the voice becomes a dynamically-generated speech. Able to be changed and updated at any point, and to respond dynamically to what the viewer is saying.
  • AI in entertainment: Artificial Intelligence has been a game-changing technology for many industries. While this is a unique combination of AI and storytelling which combines the latest thinking from both industries into a single project.


Bish & Pike are back: and this time it’s interactive.

It’s up to you to help them stop a killer.

In this interactive experience, you have been called to a warehouse where a suspect serial killer wants to talk to you. You must get inside his head and stop him killing his victims, and the clock is ticking…

Get inside the world of Bulletproof in a way that’s never been seen before.


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