Disney Acquire 20th Century FOX

In the world’s worst kept secret. Disney’s crush on 20th Century FOX has had a fruitful ending. A mega-merger.

The deal amounts to $66B (the second largest merger this year, only to Broadcom-Qualcom at $130B) and includes, Movie Studios, Networks Nat Geo and FX, plus a 60% stake in Hulu. Rumour over here in the UK is that they want FOX’s to be allowed to acquire Sky. So, they too, will own Sky.

While it’s interesting to dream of X-Men in the Avengers movies.

Something may not be so apparent in the buying of FOX’s. Sure they now own a HUGE chunk of the movie business. But what are Disney jealous off……


As a result of purchasing FOX and a controlling stake (?) in Hulu, (60% is ALOT) this is Disney’s throw of the dice in the streaming world. Hence, why Disney had such a strong love interest in Hulu.

Whether Disney will fold Hulu (if they can) and build up a brand new streaming service of their own. Consequently with exclusive Disney/FOX’s content. Is anyone’s guess. But will there be pull of Marvel content from Netflix? How badly will this hurt Netflix?

Only time will tell. But this is HUGE for the consumer.