Disney Plus is winning streaming wars?!

Well it looks like Disney Plus is doing very very well indeed! The latest numbers have recently been announced and Disney Plus has taken a huge leap in the streaming wars and heading straight for Netflix!

In the last quarter of 2020, Disney Plus closed in on Hulu and almost took over the 3rd largest streaming service in the United States! While recently launched Peacock, a streaming service dedicated to streaming NBC Universal content, is already twice as big as Apple TV+. However Netflix has maintained it’s dominance over Prime Video with a margin of 30%!

Market share development in 2020- Disney Plus

That being said the growth of other streaming services impinged on Netflix’s market share. With Newcomers Disney+ and Peacock growing by 5% and 6% respectively. With HBO Max finishing on a high with a 9% expansion throughout 2020.

So what do you think about Disney Plus and it’s good fortune in the streaming wars? Is it here to stay? Do you feel as though it can keep up our interest? Will there be even more original programming that will hold your attention once the Mandalorian is over?

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