Don’t Use Condoms Twice.

So apparently, some crazy people out there are doing something that we never thought we’d see. They are reusing and washing condoms, just look at this tweet from CDC STD!

In case people were wondering, do not re-use a condom. Nor should you wash it to use it again. Condoms are strictly a one use item. One and done. Kaput. Plus a new one should be use for every sex act!

There was a study published in 2012 it was called “Condom Use Errors and Problems: A Global View,”  and get this. Are you sitting down?

In between 1.4% and 3.3% of those surveyed admitted to reusing the same condom during intercourse, Forbes pointed out.

If you weren’t aware, washing and reusing condoms will definitely reduce their effectiveness. The oils in soaps will degrade the latex, thus causing it to fail. It may even irritate the skin.

Condoms (when correctly used) will prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of STDS.

So don’t go reusing them!


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