Excitement, that is what you feel when the release date of a new game approaches. Yet, when you finally get to play, you spend most of your time respawning because some young upstart has mastered all the control already! Don’t stress though, because, no matter the game, there is always a way that you can improve your performance. Read on to find out more.



Do watch the professionals.

One way to get better at gaming is to watch what other people that are really good do. Luckily, there are all sorts of way you can do this now, from looking up videos of your game of choice on Youtube, to signing up to Twitch and watching live streams.

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After all, if you were trying to get better at football, you’d probably watch someone that was playing in the Premier League to see what they do, and gaming is no different! Just look for those little hacks they have that make things easier and more efficient. You may even get lucky as a lot of gamers published tips as part of their content on social media channels.


Don’t let anger and emotion better you.


We are human, and we have emotion, but that doesn’t mean we should allow this to rule our lives, and when it comes to gaming this is doubly important. Why? Well, as a rule, we don’t do our best decision making and strategic thinking when we are angry, and so letting this emotion dominate when gaming can really crew up our chances of success.



To that end, put ( not throw) the controller down if you feel your anger rising and take a break until you are more clear headed. Your high scores will thank you for it.


Do invest in the right kit.


Next, if you want to be the best gamer, you can be, or at least just give your friends a good butt kicking the next time you play, it’s essential to invest in the right kit. I’m talking about shelling out for the premium controllers here, as well as, whenever possible, using a wired connection, whether you are playing on PC or console. Something that can really help you reduce any latency and just give you that extra edge when playing.



Talking of extra edge, it can also help to use something like this Kamikaze Gaming Supplement as well. Then you will be full loft right type of energy that lets you play for hours without losing your focus, something that can help you up your win rate significantly and amaze your mates!


Don’t forget that gaming is meant to be fun.


Finally, if you want to get better at gaming, you need to remember one thing. It’s meant to be fun. Yes, I know when some kid appears out of nowhere and headshots you, it can be frustrating, but if you don’t retain the passion for the game you just won’t practice enough to get really good. Therefore, if you find a game getting you down, it’s time to put it back in the case for a while and pick up another that is more fun!