Google maps Mario

Google Maps Mario!

Next week all of us will be able to celebrate Mario day (we weren’t even aware that there was a Mario Day, but we’re so glad there is!) Google are allowing you to drive as Mario! Well atleast look like you are. To celebrate MAR10 Day, Google have collaborated with the guys over at Nintendo to transform your car on Google Maps to look just like Mario in his go-kart. Don’t go racing on the roads though! No throwing bananas out the window either! Introducing Google maps Mario!

All you have to do is to update your Google Maps from the Google Play or App store. Or download the latest version from the appropriate app store if you don’t have it already. Then Simply click the yellow ‘?’ icon that’s found in the bottom right hand side of the Google Maps app. This is exactly the same if you are on either Google or iPhone. You’ll be presented with a prompt to enable Mario Time! (Of course you’re going to click yes!)

Now this has been enabled you’ll see that the navigation arrow that you normally see has been transformed to everyone’s favourite plumber!

The Mario function will start rolling out globally, the incentive has already begun and you’ll be able to use Mario for this week only! So make sure you get your Mario on and have some fun whilst driving! But remember always pay attention to the rules of the road and pay more attention to the road than your phone!

Google Maps Mario Destinations

We’d love to see where Google maps Mario has taken you, so why not, take a screenshot and send it into us at and Google, our username is @howtokillanhour as we’d love to see them too! We’re the same username across all platforms.  Please please please remember to avoid sharing any personal details like your place of work or your home address. Make sure you crop it real good before sending!!

To download Google Maps please click here Apple / Android