Iron Man VR

Who wanted to be a superhero when they were growing up? Who wanted to be Iron Man when they were little? Well now you can with the help of modern technology. Kinda. Thanks to virtual reality you’re able to become Iron Man. Yes you read that right. You can become Iron Man. Marvel’s Iron Man VR is an original VR game from Sony and Marvel and it’s exclusive to the PSVR.

With the help of the Playstation Move motion controllers you can literally become Iron Man. Fire Up Iron Man’s Repulsor Jets and fly in the sky. Or use the vast amount of weapons as your disposal. Even control Jarvis, the AI computer inside the Iron Man Suit and the computer at Tony Stark’s garage.

Face off against Iron Man’s greatest foes in some pretty action packed battles, as you progress you can upgrade the tech from within Tony Stark’s garage. Therefore allowing you to customize the armour of Iron Man and his abilities.

Control the tech and the armour and become Iron Man.

Iron Man VR is so cool! We absolutely love this game and we are sure you will too!


● All New Iron Man Storyline: An original Iron Man action/adventure game built from the ground up exclusively for PlayStation VR. Interact with iconic characters, battle deadly Super Villains, and visit familiar locations in a story that is both intimate and grand.

● Ultimate VR Flying Experience. Soar through the sky and feel the burst of speed as you experience the joy that comes from the freedom of flight.

● A Highly Visceral Action Game. Purposeful and intuitive, the action-packed combat is fresh and allows you to experience frantic, ranged battles first-hand.

● Build & Customize a Unique New Armor. Prepare for upcoming missions by upgrading and augmenting the armor tech and weapon loadouts.

● The Man Behind the Golden Armor. The armor may seem perfect but the man inside it is not. Iron Man’s armor protects a complicated, flawed human hero whose frenetic and dynamic lifestyle offers its own unique challenges.

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