Monster Hunter World – Defeat the Monsters!

Monster Hunter World

We recently got our hands on the incredible monster fighting game Monster Hunter World.

Players embark on incredible gigantic epic battles against huge monsters! These monsters are living in a variety of habitats be that in the water, within caves or roaming the grassland.

The aim that you have is to defeat as many of these monsters as possible. Taking and recieving materials from the corpses of the monsters that you slay. Then using these materials yield stronger weapons and armour to take on the most dangerous of monsters. This game is co-op and we had a lot of fun taking on the monsters as a team of four!


There is a story element of Monster Hunter World too, which is just as fun as the co-op!

Once every decade, elder dragons travel across sea to a place called New World, this act is known as ‘Elder Crossing’. This phenomena has confused and intrigued the ‘Guild.’ (The team that you are a part of) Forming the ‘Research Commission’ the Guild are hoping to learn more about the dragons. Your journey begins when the Fifth Fleet is sent in pursuit of the elder dragon ‘Zorah Magadros’

To buy Monster Hunter World please click here! (Available on January 26th 2018 on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One)

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!