Netflix Reminders

Soon it will be even harder to miss your favourite Netflix shows. (Who misses the release date anyways?!) The streaming giant will update it’s TV apps to show a “Latest” section. This section will show a list of movies and TV show seasons that will be released that week and the one thereafter. (Via Variety.) Think of it as a Netflix Reminders.

The titles will show a trailer and users can ask to be reminded when their program that they’re interested in goes LIVE. Therefore people will most likely receive a notification when they open the app. Much like most of the Netflix app, the list will be curated to individual members tastes.

This brand new section is available now to smart TV’s streaming devices and game consoles around the world. It will be located on the app’s sidebar. The feature is similar to “coming soon” area which is already available Android app.

How do you keep up to date on Netflix shows? Do you keep an eye on “new releases” “trending now” or do you read articles about what’s coming up? The new section will go some ways to help people keep interested in the streaming service and streamline a show-finding process.

(The Verge)

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