Nvidia LAN Event
Wednesday evening I  went to check out Nvidia LAN event in the swanky heart of Hoxton. Nvidia one of leaders of PC gaming, showed their hardware in an intermit event.
After I hit the bar, I jumped on the first available PC and got hands on, Control the new title from Remedy studios the game felt smooth and extremely familiar to a 3D person adventurer like myself.
The pre Alpha had various bugs and had to be reset twice but was very pretty on the impressive PC that had its signature green glow. Control felt fast and responsive. felt so amazing throwing random boxes and chairs in enemies faces. I was especially impressed by the noise cancelling headphones, which blocked out the chatter in the background.
Although i’m console gamer, I’m never afraid to take on a challenge. I therefore took part in the Quake 2 tournament. My first experience playing a FPS on PC. The Nvidia was extremely quick, maybe quicker then my responses. Impressed with my first 4 kills, caught up with Gadget Boy and Timi from the Nerd Council and had a few cocktails and a burger or two.
Overall enjoyable evening with some impressive hardware to boot. An enjoyable Nvidia LAN Event!
– Mr Midas
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