Pastimes: What’s The Perfect Go-To For You?


We all have hobbies. Even if you think that you don’t. Even if you see Adam at work with his mountain climbing expeditions. Or Trish at church that bakes. Even if your hobbies don’t tend to take shape in the form of something active or creative, you most certainly have them. Maybe you like to watch TV and a certain kind of movie genre? Or you like to play football on the weekends? No matter what you like to do, it’s an important part of your life.


Or, maybe you’re someone that generally starts to watch Netflix in the evenings and you’re bored? You’re tired of doing the same old thing? When this is the case, you’re definitely going to want to try and find out what the perfect pastime is for you. And this can sound hard at first, but it’s really not. By taking a look at your interests and passions and what you truly love to do, you’ll find it.


How You Like To Spend Your Time


To start with, analyse how you spend your time. Think about what you really love to do. Do you love to play games, like, or do you love to write? Really think about what you do that you enjoy. But also identify what you do that you don’t love, because this can tell you a lot.

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How Your Spent Your Time As A Child


But then also, you need to strip this back. Think about what you loved to do when you were a child. What were you most passionate about? When you think about this, it’s going to point you in the direction of what might just be perfect for you personally.


What You’re Passionate About


Another way to look at this, is to discover what you’re most passionate about. And this can be tough. It really can. Because your mind can be clouded by what others are doing, and what’s cool, and what you think you SHOULD be doing. So trip that back. Think about finding what you are truly passionate about, as shows. This can then help you to find out what you should be doing with your spare time.



What Makes You Happy


And, of course, you can get real simple here. Think about what makes you happy. What do you love to do? What makes you smile? What could you spend hours doing that you would feel absolutely be fulfilled by? Do that.


How You Want To Live Your Life


Finally, one thing that you need to do here, is to take a look at exactly HOW you want to live your life. So ask yourself, what does an ideal day look like for you? How do you want to spend your time? Because that’s the thing. It’s not just the image of your perfect life. It’s more than that. It’s about how you FEEL every day. How your life and your work and your hobbies add to your life. So think about what you want to do to make sure that you’re spending your time in the most rewarding way possible.