Those of you who feel guilty after watching some naughty videos may no longer need to thanks to PornHub. A 2014 survey published in The Atlantic found that only 29 percent of Americans found watching porn to be morally acceptable. Breaking this stat down further, 23% of women approve, compared to that of 35% of men. PornHub wants to stop all that with Beesexual!

Porn is wide and varied, videos vary from married couples to the other end of the spectrum and acts which dehumanize everyone including the viewer.

Some studies have suggested that the more porn there is the less there is sexual assault.


In April of this year, PornHub launched “Beesexual” a new site which is a collection of bee pollination videos. But these aren’t just any bee pollination video, these are videos voiced by popular adult performers. Such as Julia Ann, Olivia Austin, Will Pounder and Avery Black. “Beesexual” is a genre of porn dedicated to saving bees. So, the site reads:

“We turned short videos of foraging bees into what they really are: nature porn, but now featuring the voices of some of your favorite porn stars.”

Consequently, for each view on the Beesexual channel, Pornhub donates money to “bee saving charities across the world” According to ABC News, over the last 15 years, bees have been disappearing across the world.  With Honey Bee pollination being responsible for over $20Billion in annual crop production. While that’s just in the US!

With over 110 million daily visitors, we thought our users could come together to lend a helping hand and help conserve this precious species. It’s our duty to ensure that bees continue to fornicate and pollinate.” Pornhub’s Vice President Corey Price said in a statement.


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