Team FordZilla Launch – Let’s Race!


We sent Marcus Bronzy down to the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in East London to meet up with Team Fordzilla captain Leah Viathan …. you can join the tryouts at RedBull Gaming Sphere on the 11th and 12th of Dec for free!

Team FordZilla are backed by Ford and have teams in multiple countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK)

They’re an E Sports racing team who are all about racing. Racing at a high skill level too, competing in some of the toughest esports competitions on the planet.

They’ve been recruiting around Europe pulling the best of the racing crop from Germany, France, Italy and Spain. You guessed it the next stop is the UK! Team FordZilla have teamed up with RedBull to recruit the final team members at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere.

Not only do players get the chance to join Team FordZilla, the fastest lap of each day on either Forza or Gran Turismo will win an Xbox One or PS4 Pro!

You have to be over 16 and have a permanent address in the UK to enter.


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