When Parent’s use Fortnite against us!

Turns out Fortnite has become a weapon in parent’s arsenal against their children!

Instead of taking away sweets or grounding their children, parent’s are turning to banning Fortnite if their children misbehave. (To no-one’s suprise)


Of the 40million players worldwide, British Children as young as 8 are allegedly playing Fortnite for more than 13hours every week.

According to a study of 858 parents worldwide, 54% of them are concerned about the negative effects of Fortnite. Allegedly the average family polled in the study stated that there were 11 arguments a month because their child wanted to spend longer playing.

Siobhan Freegard, founder of, whom commissioned the research, said to parents that theres nothing to panic about Fortnite. That it’s fun, sociable and can even help some childrens co-ordination skills. While warning that like most activities, it needs to be managed with limits imposed. Furthermore trying to wane fears as there’ll be something else coming in down the line that’ll take their attention away from Fortnite.

The study found:

  • 63% of parents arguing about the attitude they recieve when asking their child to come off the computer
  • 54% about time spent playing
  • 39% about in game purchases
  • 53% general bad attitude
  • 20% of children got in trouble for playing when they shouldn’t
  • 28% for ignoring requests to get off the computer
  • 7% of parents found a huge bill from in-game purchases
  • 4 in 10 parents believe school performance has been impaired due to the game
  • While apparently a fifth of parents think that their child thinks the game is more important than real life
  • 6 in 10 parents believe the game is suitable for children under 16 – as it’s mild violence, colourful and has dances
  • Just under half like the game is sociable
  • 43% of parents like that their child is excited about something
  • Of the 46% that believe the game has had a positive influence, 52% of them like that their child has made new friends online and 31% of them think they’ve become more confident since playing
  • 61% of parents are convinced that their child has had an improvement in hand-eye co-ordination
  • 37% believe that the game is important to keep their child familiar with new tech


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