Cyborg Olympics!



This looks so cool, I dont even have a joke for it!

Researchers at ETH Zurich, a Swiss technical university, plan to host a “cyborg Olympics” in Zurich this October.

Open to disabled people that use an electronic prosthetic, they will compete in a number of events aimed to mimic real-life events, using robotic devices controlled by their minds, or remote controls.

People with leg prosthetics will climb stairs and walk on stepping-stones; those with arm prosthetics will slice loaves of bread and open jars. All while not being typically ‘Olympic’ if researchers are able to develop robotic solutions to these problems, it could improve the daily lives of many with disabilities, or the world’s growing aging populations.

The goal will be to drive innovation in assistive tech, contestants, who will be called “pilots” instead of “athletes”—as there will be a technology team behind each participant in each event & if the competition is a success, a follow-up event to tie in with the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo is hoped for.