Bionic Eye Spy!

Credit: Telegraph

Credit: Telegraph

Boys. We are one step closer to Terminator Eyes!

Now its not entirely 100% a bionic eye but Ray FIynn 80, has dry age related Macular degeneration, a disease that affects mainly the elderly & it happens when cells in part of the retina become damaged which causes the loss of his central vision. He relies entirely on his peripheral vision.

Surgens have attached a retinal implant around the back of Ray’s right eye, a world first.

He wears special glasses, which have a built in video camera which is then wirelessly transmitted to the implant that is on his eye, then the electrodes stimulate the remaining cells in the eye sending messages to the brain to interpret.

He now can see but not 100% like you or I, he can see shapes and distinct patterns like a door frame or a set of stairs. Within time Ray should be able to learn how to interpret the images that are being sent to him via the implant more effectively.