3Doodler Hex Bug

So, we handed the 3Doodler Hex Bug over to Producer Bill to test and you can check out how he got on with the, 3D Printing pen above!

What is 3Doodler Hex Bug?

The 3Doodler is already available on the market today, and it’s essentially a 3D printer in the form of a pen. By utilising this pen, users, are able to doodle anything that they like and bring it to life, right before their eyes! 3Doodler are launching a series of STEM kits that are designed to help users build their own creations, ranging from robotic dinosaurs and skeleton’s.

However, they have recently signed a partnership with HexBugs to launch a set which helps children put together their own bugs! Including eyes, wings, legs all kinds of insecty type of body parts. The best part about the partnership with HexBug? The included motors. Therefore making kids creations able to scurry across the table. Just like a bug. The company are calling these types of creations ‘DoodleMods’ and you don’t even have to use the included tracing tubs. You can create your own. As a result the only thing that’s stopping you is your imagination!

3Doodler Hex Bug: Benefits

The kits are designed to help teach children about structural design, they’re a mixture of 3Doodler’s already popular starter kits, into a smaller, more child friendly version of the original 3Doodler pen.

However, for all you adults out there who are always stealing your children’s toys. There are adult versions available that incorporate plastic elements which are embedded with various types of materials. Such as specks of wood, copper and even bronze.

The Hex Bug isn’t available to purchase as a kit just yet, that’s released in May. However you can purchase your own 3D Doodler kit already, just please click here! 

Listen to the guys chatting about the 3D Doodler Hex Bug please click here! 

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