Air Up

We have been trying Air Up recently and it’s quite frankly amazing. You can drink Coca Cola without actually drinking Coca Cola. In fact you are drinking just pure water. Yes that’s right. Pure Water. That tastes like Coca Cola.

All thanks to SCIENCE.

Retronasal – The Science.

Well Air Up firstly is a drinks bottle that holds water.

But what makes it taste differently is thanks to retronasal smell. This is the science term for a process of tasting with your nose. When you smell something, it passes through your throat and to the olfactory centre in the nose and manifests itself in the brain as a taste.

So it’s quite simple really.

The water bottle has a scented disk on the top and when you drink you smell the aroma which in turn then tricks your brain into thinking your water is flavoured.

How To Use Air Up

  1. Fill up your air up® bottle with fresh drinking water. Fizzy or flat, it doesn’t matter; make it your own.
  2. Attach the straw to the mouthpiece, and slide the straw into the bottle
  3. Fit the mouthpiece tightly into place, lining the teardrop shape with the 650ml marking.
  4. Remove the aroma Pod from the packaging and press it onto the mouthpiece.
  5. Activate the aroma Pod by pulling it gently up until it naturally stops. The scent is now active.
  6. Drink by sucking the water up through the straw. You do not need to tilt the bottle.
  7. Experience scent-based taste, whilst drinking only water.
  8. Attach the bottle cap, covering the mouthpiece and Pod. The Pod is now de-activated. Remember to keep the aroma Pod on the bottle when adding the lid to ensure there are no leaks.

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