AR Artwork Installed In London

Augemented Reality is taking the world by storm. Microsoft have Hololens and Apple are rumoured to be creating their own AR Headset. AR is live and readily available. So what best way to use AR other than Pokemon go? Some AR Artwork.

London based collective Frieze have launched, what may just be, the first augmented reality art exhibit. They have installed I guess you could say, a series of art sculptures in London’s Regent’s Park. All for visitors to enjoy and like through their smartphone screens.

The piece that is on show is by a South Korean artist called Koo Jeong A. It’s a series of floating ice slabs which hover in place. The artwork is said to be a comment on environmental concerns and have been built in AR by mixed reality art enabler Acure Art.

To view the artwork you will need the Acute Art App. (Linked below). The app is free so why not head down to Regent’s Park while the weather is still nice and get to see some rather cool artwork!

“I like the fact that we are introducing this object, this entity, into the most conventional and classical of environments – a royal park with statues.” Acute Art’s director Daniel Birnbaum

(Gizmodo / Guardian)

Acute Art – Apple / Android

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