Chemex Coffee Maker

We love our coffee here at the How To Kill An Hour offices and when we saw this coffee maker, we had to try it out! It’s elegant in design and minimalistic in tech. A little different than what us tech enthusiasts usually use. However, we are a place that’s more than just tech. We’re the place to come to find out the best ways to spend your free time. Drinking coffee is one of those past times that can be done whilst working or when away from the desk! Without teasing too much, we tested the Chemex 3 cup classic coffee maker and we loved it! But how do they achieve this?

Chemex: Taste

It claims to deliver the ‘purest flavour experience’ and it does just that! The coffee from the Chemex coffee maker is absolutely lovely! It certainly delivers a different taste than the coffee that we usually use out of an electronic coffee maker. The way that Chemex deliver such a great tasting coffee is due to one thing. Working in tandem with the Chemex Bonded filters the coffee that’s delivered is pure. Like filtered water. No sediments or any bitter elements like that, just pure gloriously tasting coffee.

Included with the Chemex Three Cup Classic is a polished wood collar and a leather tie, providing great grip. The coffee maker is glass, so it helps prevent a user burn their hands on the glass. All in all a great design that doesn’t look out of place in your kitchen. We were very impressed here at the office!


Purchase your own Chemex 3 Cup Classic Coffee Maker here!

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