Cozmo – Big Brain, Personality and SMART!

Cozmo – Big Brain. Big Personality. SUPER Computer.


Anki's COZMO robot is the coolest little pal you'll know

Ever wanted your own Wall-E? Well, this little guy may be the answer to your robo-BFF dreams. Meet COZMO, a small robot with a fully fleshed out personality and tricked out with the coolest A.I. Just don’t expect him to listen to you all the time. Where’s the fun in that?Find out more about Cozmo and its maker Anki at on sale!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 19 October 2017


We have reviewed some gadgets by Anki before and we were very impressed with what they had on offer. The upgraded, modernised version of scalextric, Anki Overdrive. Now they’ve moved into personal robots and introduced a tiny little robot called Cozmo. Don’t be fooled by it’s short size though, this little gadget packs an intelligent yet mean punch!

Made up of 300+ parts this little gadget has a big brain and can detect humans, even cats and dogs! Cozmo can even read your emotions and recognise the environment around him. Read Cozmo’s emotions right from the small screen acting as his face, coupled with a series of bleeps and technologic sounds it’ll be like having a mini conversation!

Have a bit of computer know how? Download the SDK kit off of Cozmo’s site and develop your own games and tasks for Cozmo!

So what can he do?

If you ever owned a tamagotchi you had to keep that little animal alive by feeding it and playing with it. Much like with a tamagotchi you have to to nurture your Cozmo to help it grow! By using the app you keep an eye on how well he is doing, feeling low? Feed him power cubes. Not performing to the best of his ability, run diagnostics to see if he needs a repair. While Cozmo may from time to time indicate that he is bored: play a game with him to cheer him up! Just try to beat him though if you do he may get upset. The more you play, the more you can upgrade and the more skills you can unlock.


Coz has a surprisingly large arsenal of games and features to keep both him and yourself entertained. He’ll sing if he’s bored and wants to play. He’ll raise his forks for a fist bump, though this is an upgrade skill. As stated earlier, Cozmo is incredibly aware  of you and it’s surroundings, you try and creep up on him with your finger and he’ll pounce!

Cozmo comes with a set of cubes that help to keep him busy. Using 1 cube, play keepaway with him, to well….keep the cube away! Put the cube close to him and pull away the cube before he drops his lift. He catches the cube he gets a point! Memory match is just like Simon if you’re old enough to remember. The cubes light up different colours and you take turns with Cozmo to remember and repeat the path. With Quicktap, both of you get a cube, the cube lights up and when it’s the same colour you have to beat Cozmo to tapping the cube. First player to tap their own cube wins.

It can see you, read your emotions, learn the world around him and plots quicker, easier ways to complete tasks. He’s almost human. He’s a supercomputer. As a result, we cannot call Cozmo a toy. He is far from it. Most of all though, he is a lot of fun!! So Cozmo is not just for children!

In Conclusion……

We fully recommend you him out , most of all we cannot reiterate enough that it isn’t just a toy. It’s far far faaaar to intelligent to be a toy. It’s a supercomputer and we can’t wait to see what the space of smart tech brings in the future.

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