This nifty gadget lets you laser engrave almost anything!

The compact cubiio laser engraver is PERFECT for all of you with cheeky mates who take your sandwich from the shared fridge. Personalise all your belongings and give them sticky fingers ZERO excuse!Find out more and pre-order it at

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Saturday, 9 September 2017

Cubiio is a small yet powerful laser that allows you to etch all kinds of things into a wide array of materials, write your name on wooden spoons, make a piece of art work on a wooden canvas or even write on metal work, all via a small personal, portable laser.

Just download the Cubiio app and follow the following 4 steps:

Choose a picture/G-Code file or write something within the app

Place the item you want to engrave infront of the Cubiio within the working zone

Preview and align

Press start and watch Cubiio do it’s thing!

Click here to see more about Cubiio!