DePop: A Brand New Marketplace

DePop – Marketplace

DePop is an app where you can sell things online right from your phone! It’s a mobile marketplace, meaning there is no desktop version of the app/platform. Therefore making our lives a whole lot easier!

Designed for the creative community, take a photo of what you want to sell with your phone. Upload it to the app with your phone. Follow your friends and explore all different shops around the world. That’s what your account is. It’s a shop. Not a place where you sell things.

Literally anything is sold on DePop from clothing, jewellery to arts and music, all from around the world. Furthermore there is even an explore page, which is listed from all the things you look at and buy. Purchase with a tap, safely and is your privacy and safety is secure with PayPal integration. Promote your shop on all your social media and grow your hobby into a business!


There’s a HUGE community with over 7million users, shop from 10million different items. There are even local meet ups and lunches from around your city or town!

So whatever your level, either at hobby or business there is no other easy way to get involved in selling your stuff online. As everything is done via your phone there is no need to set up long drawn out item listings. That, is the reason why we, at How To Kill An Hour, love DePop!

What do you think of DePop? Have you used it before? Let us know what you think via our social media pages! We’re @howtokillanhour on all forms of social media!

To download DePop please click here Apple / Android

We also spoke about DePop on the show with Gadgets Jon from Gadgets Boy! To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!