ESkate Hub

Eskate Hub

Eskate Hub

We’re big fans of electronic skateboards here at How To Kill An Hour! We’ve been informed about an incredible website dedicated to one of our favourite ways of getting around. It’s called Eskate Hub. Eskate Hub has got a LOT of information on Electronic Skateboards.

For example, it details what exactly an E-Skateboard is. Plus it has a ton of reviews on the latest and greatest E-Skateboards that are available to buy today. Furthermore there’s a section dedicated to the best E-Skateboards available on the market! Not entirely sure which one to buy? Look at the handy comparison table to peruse over before you go ahead and make a purchase.

We especially love the guide! It’s very interactive and gives anyone, especially an absolute novice to the E-Skateboard community what the different parts of an E-Skateboard does. It’s definitely a website that we will be taking a look at when looking for our next E-Skateboard to review on the show!

So, why not head on over to Eskate Hub by clicking here!

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