Flex E-Board

We’re a big proponent of personal transport devices and have fallen in love with electronic skateboards. It’s getting around to that time of year where it’s great to just go out and enjoy the sun on a board too! This week we are testing the Flex E-Board from Slick Revolution!

The Flex E-Board comes in two choices, either Bamboo or the Carbon and they come with 110mm “Rough Stuff” wheels as standard. Which are perfect for bumpy uk roads, pavements, and rough terrains! There’s also an ability to change to the slick wheels if you wish, quickly and easily.

The battery within the Flex E-Board is revolutionary too as it has a ‘bolt-on’ style. Therefore you can have a more grounded ride and you can easily swap it out if you were to change the deck in the future!

The board comes with a great range of 10miles and can easily get up hills with a 20% incline. Plus the  2400W dual motor will get you hitting speeds of 25mph in no time at all! Furthermore you can select 3 different modes for this board, to help even the most experienced of riders ride safely. Practice, fun and expert! Further to that there are also 3 different braking modes which you can customise to your own needs. Feel comfortable going at the speed you like!

Flex E-Board SPECS

  • 36” (91.5cm) 7-ply Bamboo and Fibre Glass Deck
  • Carbon Composite Deck Option
  • Lithium Ion Samsung 22.2VDC / 10AH / 222WH Battery
  • Water and Dust resistant
  • High Quality Long Lasting Grip Tape
  • Super Smooth ABEC 9 Slick Bearings
  • 36” (91.5cm) 7-ply Bamboo and Fibre Glass Deck
  • Regenerative brakes with 3 modes
  • Dual 1200W Upgraded Brushless DC Motors with Hall Sensor

Flex E-Board IN THE BOX

1 each of the following:

  • Flex-E Electric Skateboard
  • Advanced Wireless Controller
  • EVA Controller Case
  • Set of 83mm Slick Wheels (if selected)
  • Set of 110mm Rough Stuff Wheels (if selected)
  • Eboard Skate Tool
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Eboard Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual

Slick Revolution.co.uk


Slick Revolution.co.uk

The controller for the Flex E-Board is one of the best we’ve seen here at How To Kill An Hour, the controller is easy in the hand and has a great throttle wheel and trigger. It’s almost like there’s nothing there! You can control the breaking and speed modes on the controller too. Easy stuff! What we like the most about the controller is there’s an LCD Display helping to provide all the important information such as live speed and battery readings!

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