Free trial cancellations?

Friend of the show and all round technological whizz, Joshua Browder is BACK! He is attempting to break the modern subscription based world. By offering to cancel free trial automatically for his users! How COOL is that!

No more having to remember when free trials end as this new app will do it for you! It’s called Free Trial Surfing and will use a rather clever method. It will issue users a false name and a virtual credit card number which is registered to the app developer.

They will then use this to manage the account, redirecting email addresses are available if required too. So basically you can enjoy the free trial for however long the trial is and then it will automatically die before a proper billing cycle kicks in.

It’s already available in the US. It hasn’t gone down too well with service providers and are allegedly trying to block the credit cards which are used by the service. Joshua Browder says that his banking services partner is fully on board with the project. While they are also up for the inevitable game of card number whack-a-mole that will most likely occur. However, don’t worry a UK version of the app is set to launch this week!

(Gizmodo / BBC / TechRadar)

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