Mercedes Benz EQA

We recently took a spin for the Mercedes Benz EQA around town. But this isn’t just any old Mercedes, it’s an electric Mercedes vehicle. The very first electric vehicle from Mercedes. It has an all electric range of up to 264miles. So this means that there are 0 CO2 emissions. Which makes it perfect for the environment! While the car will also charge in approximately 30 minutes!

Introducing the new Mercedes Benz EQA

The Mercedes EQ, specially the Mercedes EQA, is the first fully electric compact SUV from Mercedes-Benz. You can charge anywhere you want! You can simply use the at home home charger or on route at a public charging station.

Charging at home is great for ease of use as you can do it in the comfort of your own home. While charging on route at a public charging station means that you will never be without any charging abilities. You’ll never reach zero charge!

While the Mercedes Me app will give you access to a large number of public stations across Europe in eluding the IONITY rapid charge stations. Which will allow you to charge your EQA in just 30minutes!

Remote and Navigation Services

The remote and navigation services of the Mercedes Benz EQA, gives you convenience for you and your EQA.

The remote and navigation services makes electric driving convenient and efficient. It will ensure that you can always keep tabs on the available charging stations in your area. All along a particular route as well as your current range. While the navigation system with Electric Intelligence would automatically schedule charging stops along your route. Furthermore the Mercedes Me app will give you access to charging settings and the pre-entry climate control function from outside the vehicle.

Innovative technology.

EQA models are fitted with intelligent technology to make your driving experience as enjoyable as possible whilst efficiently maximising your electric range.

Mercedes Benz EQA Equipment

The standard equipment available for the EQA are as follows:


LED light strip.

The EQA has some light strips at the front of the top side of the black panel of the radiator grille. While at the rear, between the LED rear lamps is the visual and emotive identifying feature of the EQA.

LED High Performance headlamps.

The LED High-Performance headlamps and Adaptive Highbeam Assist can switch to high beam when no vehicles are identified in front or approaching. This means that you can see the road surface or any hazards more clearly. Furthermore, there is no need for you to keep switching between main and dipped beam yourself.

Stowage Package.

Transport everyday and leisure items even more practically and safely. The Stowage Package combines additional stowage options and connections such as the 12 V socket. Your car acquires added versatility and becomes a mini charging point. For example, it can power your cooling bag ready for a trip to the shops or the beach.

EASY-PACK tailgate.

As with many cars these days you can open the boot easily! The boot opens and closes electronically, simply by using a touch of a button, while it can be stopped at any time by pressing the same button again.

Reversing camera.

To make reversing into spaces easier, there is a reversing camera, which offers a better general view and convenience. The media display on the SUV shows a live picture of what the camera can see. The system assists you by overlaying a dynamic guide which displays the path of the vehicle based on the steering angle.


The interior is just as fancy when it comes to cool tech and equipment as is as follows:

Speed Limit Assist.

There is a Speed Limit Assist which makes it easier to keep to the speed limit. The system will highlight what the speed limit is, which is detected by the camera. It will even recognise additional signs restricting speeds in specific weather conditions such as rain.

Digital radio.

There is a digital radio which will offer more information and entertainment with loads of stations. All in crystal clear audio thanks to digital radio

MBUX multimedia system.

The MBUX multimedia system is Mercedes intelligent multimedia system. It enables you to operate many of the EQA’s features via the high resolution screens. Either by hand gestures, touch or voice control. You can simply say “Hey Mercedes” and MBUX will activate and do what you ask it to do. The MBUX will interface with smartphones and digital media also provide the best quality infotainment.

Ambient lighting.

Inside the Mercedes EQA there is loads of lights! 64 lighting colours will generate intriguing colour schemes that change dynamically or illuminate several areas in different colours.

Stowage compartment with roller shutter door in centre console.

The roller shutter for the stowage compartment in the centre console is elegant and appears even tidier and everything important is to hand. Thanks to the practical space in the stowage compartment.

Knee airbag.

The knee airbag, protects your legs in a head-on collision. It protects your legs from coming into contact with the steering column or instrument panel. Helping to prevent or lessen the severity of any potential injuries. The air cushion would inflate in milliseconds and stabilises the whole body, alongside the restraint system, such as the seatbelt to great effect.

4-way lumbar support.

For ergonomic support and relaxed back muscles. The 4-way lumbar support adjusts the seat contour to your lumbar spine and provides support. Four settings are available: higher, lower, weaker and stronger.

Optional equipment packages for the new EQA.

The optional equipment packages enhance your EQA with comfort, safety and technology features.



MBUX is the intelligent control centre in your EQA. It’s the intelligent multimedia system. While it allows you to control many aspects of your vehicle. Such as the entertainment system and the safety and comfort features.



Safety features of the Mercedes EQA is one large area of the EQA which is packed full of technology, many of which help with the driving experience. Helping to keep both you, your passengers and any pedestrians safe.

Supports your perception.

The intelligent assistance systems in the EQA have their sensors just about everywhere and in certain situations can warn the driver of hazards – in this way they can protect passengers and other road users.

Blind Spot Assist.

Blind Spot Assist takes a very close look for you – in particular as soon as you actuate the turn indicator. The system is thus able to give you a visual and audible warning of impending side collisions with other road users in the blind spot. After your trip, the system still remains alert and warns you if you open the door at the wrong time.

Traffic Sign Assist.

Keeping an eye out for you: thanks to intelligent linking of camera and map data, Traffic Sign Assist is not only able to detect speed limits, overtaking restrictions and when they are lifted. It also shows no-entry restrictions and warns you against incorrectly entering roads against the flow of traffic.

Driving Assistance package.

The Driving Assistance package contains a range of highly intelligent features to help you stay safe on the road – by making the drive more effortless, by warning of danger, and by taking steps to protect you in an emergency.

Features include:

  • Active Distance DISTRONIC
  • With an Active Blind Spot Assist with Exit warning function
  • Plus a Active Steering Assist
  • An Active Brake Assist
  • Evasive Steering Assist
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist
  • Pedestrian warning function near pedestrian crossings


Exterior Design

Progressive luxury in sporty form.
The Mercedes EQA is a fantastic looking vehicle and is the compact vehicle among the Mercedes EQ vehicles. It is clearly identifiable with the black panel radiator grille. Along with the central star and the front and rear light strips. The car’s sporting character is emphasised by the power domes in the front bonnet.

Interior Design

Rosé gold coloured elements.

Rosé gold colour accents embellish the upholstery and air vents.

Ambient lighting.

Showcase the interior according to your personal preferences or current mood. The 64 ambient lighting colours can generate intriguing colour schemes that change dynamically or light up in the colour of your choice.

Door sills with illuminated “EQA” lettering.

Even getting in and out becomes an experience in itself. With the Electric Art interior fittings the high-quality stainless steel sills are illuminated with the distinctive blue “EQA” lettering.

Standard on AMG Line.

Multifunction sports steering wheel.

The multifunction sports steering wheel connects you to your car with ease. Thanks to the touch control buttons you can adjust various settings and functions, including the navigation and entertainment systems, without taking your hands off the wheel.

Standard on AMG Line.

Comfort seats.

The comfort seats provide a good level of comfort on long journeys and have a wide range of adjustment for length and height. You can also alter the angle of the seat surface and even extend its length. The choice of upholstery and optional comfort functions such as seat climate control and the multicontour seat is also highly impressive.

4-way lumbar support.

For ergonomic support and relaxed back muscles. The 4-way lumbar support is a small detail which has a big impact. It adjusts the seat contour to your lumbar spine and provides support. Four settings are available: higher, lower, weaker and stronger.

Mercedes EQA Model Lines


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