Party Grill® 400 CV Gas Stove

We recently been out an about and have tested another amazing stove, this time, we have given the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV! It is a powerful little stove that offers campers a choice of 5 different cooking surfaces, perfect for the outdoors! The Party Grill 400 CV allows you to pan cook, BBQ on the cooking grill, the reversible grill, use the griddle palate and the lid even doubles up as a wok for noodles!

You can light the stove with the piezo ignition and the water compartment that is integrated into the grill collects the fat for easy cleaning! It’s ultra portable and has a lockable lid. It even comes with a little handy carry bag! You can use compact and portable CV300+ and CV470+ gas cartridges on the stove.

Easy to Clean

The Campingaz 400 CV is really easy to clean, not only because the water compartment allows for easy cleaning of any grease and fat, but it also helps to prevent it to stick to the stove. When you are finished you can discard the dirty water and rinse off the rest with soapy water. The pan support, grids and griddles are dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned with a sponge. This is because of it’s non-stick surfaces.

Easy Clic® Plus – Campingaz® patented valve cartridge connection

So, the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV uses the Easy Clic Plus system. The connection system is made for valve cartridges instead of a screw system. Simply push and rotate the cartridge by 45 degrees to get it connected.

1- Push: Applying a small amount of pressure to connect the device with the cartridge.
2 –Turn: Apply a 45° left turn and device and cartridge are firmly connected! Valve cartridges featuring also a self-sealing valve, they can be disconnected and reconnected even when not empty!

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