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Philips OneBlade Body edition

So after Marcus quite famously shaved the wrong area of his body with the Philips OneBlade last time round (listen to that episode here!) Philips have released a body version of their very popular OneBlade shaver! (So, there’s no need for Marcus to keep using his OneBlade in the wrong part of his body now. There’s a proper tool for that job now! Think, we’re due a cut of the sales Philips! Marcus’ unfortunate use of the OneBlade has spawned a new product line!

So, what does the Philips OneBlade do?

Philips OneBlade Face + Body: Features

First of all the Philips OneBlade does everything that the original OneBlade did previously. You can trim your beard with one of the three stubble comes, which come in a variety of lengths. There’s 1mm, 3mm and 5mm. However, the OneBlade now comes with a body comb, which is 3mm, which you can use in any direction.

As the OneBlade does not shave like a regular shaver, i.e. getting really close. You’re able to use this to your advantage and go against the grain and easily shave off any length of any hair from any part of your body! Remember to change the blade though! There’s one for the body and one for the face!

Another tip would be to use the skin guard if your shaving in sensitive areas as this gives an extra layer of protection.

Furthermore, if you wish to get that super slick even length of stubble, use the click on combs to get that model like even stubble length. Plus, as the OneBlade follows the contours of your face, this allows you to get one super comfortable shave! To be even more precise and slick, utilise the double sided blade of the OneBlade to style those edges and create clean lines that everyone looks for!

Speaking of the blades, they’re super long lasting! Consequently when you come to changing them, this is a hassle free process. Though, this only takes place every four months, depending on useage.

As a tip, you can use the OneBlade as a wet shaver, or a dry shaver. It lasts 45mins on a single charge too! (Which takes 8 hours)

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