Reikan Focal

Reikan Focal: Bring Autofocus to life!

Gadgets Jon recently joined us recently to talk about all things camera work! He spoke very highly of a piece of software that helped him out a lot. It’s called Reikan Focal, is designed to help calibrate a users autofocus.

Reikan Focal: Calibration

Calibration is what is being done to the camera, simply attach a DSLR to a laptop that has the Reikan Software installed on it. Then let it do it’s thing for 90 seconds to 20 minutes. So, attach the FoCal Target to a wall. Place your DSLR on to a camera. Connect it to a camera. Consequently just simply follow the instructions and set up guide step by step. So there’s no hacking required! It’s literally the minimal of interaction from you. Therefore, it simply is the piece of tech you need for all the camera enthusiasts out there.

Yet, as cool as this is, the Reikan Focal will not just calibrate your autofocus. Therefore, it’s even easier to unleash your camera’s abilities! Reikan Focal can also analyse, Aperture Sharpness, Autofocus Consistency, MultiPoint Focus and Dust Analysis.

However, there are two different price points for the calibration software. Each with differing features, while there is a £20 difference between the two.

Feature FoCal Plus FoCal Pro
£39.95 £69.95
Tethered Operation
Fully Auto Calibration
Target Setup
File Mode
Camera Information Tool
Camera Settings Save/Load
Computer Support  Windows &  Mac  Windows &  Mac
Included Updates 12 months 12 months
Autofocus Consistency
Aperture Sharpness
MultiPoint Focus Test
Test all focus points
Dust Analysis
Target Optimisation
Detailed Analysis
Save detailed test reports
Compare your results with 1000s of other users
Review your test history
Long Lens Support Lenses up to 400mm focal length. All lenses, including lenses over 400mm.
Camera Support All Canon & Nikon that support AF adjustment. All Canon & Nikon that support AF adjustment.

(Reikan Focal)

NOTE: Reikan Focal works with Canon and Nikon cameras only (*Models that have autofocus adjustment)

To download Reikan Focal please click here!

Listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!